Monday, September 24, 2012

Spreading His Wings...

We sent our son to Washington for an eight week get away. Now, I am wondering...What the heck was I thinking when we okayed the length of time he would be gone. I know it will be really good for him to spread his wings a bit, get his thoughts together on his future and a great time to move on from things going on in his life. He is 18 now...We have planned all along to raise him in a Godly home, to believe in God and to be an independent, Godly young man who will all too soon go out on his own. The first steps we have found helpful with letting go a bit has been allowing him to spend time away from home, like going on those long mountain hikes in the Summer and Missions Trips. The past several years he has gone back home to Washington to visit friends for a long 5 weeks each time...Now we have allowed 8 weeks. whew...

And boy, do I miss him ever so much and it has only been one week. He has called us every night to chat, telling his goings on with friends, his thoughts and feelings etc... It is all good. I am so proud of him. I must admit though it hasn't been any easier for me to let him go. I totally feel like something is missing....I miss his sweet spirit and cuddles and his adorable face. The count down is on now...7 more weeks till he is home. So far he has said he is very grateful that we allowed him to go and that it was really something he has needed. I just know he will be alright and he will be able to move past all the obstacles he has been facing. It has been through much prayer, much counsel and much love & he will be better for it.
 Thank God for His love and comfort for our whole family.

This was one of the last views I had of him before getting on that plane.
 Yes, I cried.  He is spreading his wings, under the loving guidance & counsel of his parents (us) and our dearest friends, where he will also be doing some good old fashioned hard labor...So don't think he is just there sitting on his hiney having the time of his life. HA... Once he gets back we will have some good long talks about our future plans & Lord willing we will know more on where we will be living.

For now...I am just missing this face.


  1. So hard. I feel your anxiety over the uncertainty of where they will take their lives. My oldest has always pushed herself so hard and I think she needs a little time to run away and think but she is working full time and cannot do that. Weekends here and there for now. Prayer helps for sure.

  2. The 7 weeks will fly by and he will be home before you know it! Keeping you in my prayers! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather

  3. My young man is returning back from CA. tomorrow having finished his Marine training. He will be serving in the Reserve and will have to travel to Arkansas once a month to report for duty...his life away from his little hometown just six months ago was a first...he has experienced so much in these last few months and grained lots of knowledge. Believe me..I had my motherly concerns and many prayers were sent up. My greatest desire as that he will stay true to his spiritual up it is for all my now grown children. I will say a little prayer for you Mica,knowing how hard it is to have so many miles between mothers and their children....I pray your handsome young man has a wonderful time away from home and returns to all of you safely...blessings