Friday, October 12, 2012

Fun On The Farm...

Freckles & I spent a great afternoon out together on a cheap date. I treated her to a Carmel apple spice and old fashioned doughnut at Starbucks...Notice Starbucks cup below say's "Dr. Who" ? It is funny when you go to Starbucks and give them a fictional character name...Freckles chose Dr. Who and I was Sherlock Holmes. They call out the names with all seriousness. We had a good giggle out of it however. Just some lighthearted fun.
Off we went to The Farm...One of our favorite things to do once a year is going to farm. This is our third year coming to this particular farm. We just kinda browse around, take some pictures and pet the animals of course ( the highlight).
It is a really little farm a few miles from our house...but quaint. I love all the little details from the old rusty man above, the gardens and little corn field...The piled pumpkins and the pig races. The old tractors and fun.
I really love this time of year. Thankfully this week has been cooler and we had RAIN.
YIPPEE RAIN. The colors are beautifully hued and vibrant with glowing oranges and golds. Love it.
Not to mention I was in perfect company.
My beautiful girl.

It was just delightful to get out into the brisk fresh air after a long week of cleaning house and doing school stuff. Thanks y'all for coming by, spending this time with us has made it all the better. Don't forget next week is another home tour....My house... Can't wait.

Hope ya all have a wonderful weekend.
Happy fall y'all.


  1. What a beautiful day on the farm! Love those iron flowers, and big pumpkins!! Sweet photos! Have a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

  2. Whaat a fun day!!!! I love the photos . i am hooked on the pumpkin spice.

  3. What a beautiful an special day with your daughter! I LOVE the pumpkin patch!