Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Leslie's Home Sweet Home....

Welcome to Home Sweet Home !

HI I'm Leslie from A Spoonful Of... !!!!
 Welcome to the Spoonful house.
I am glad that you called first...
I hate it  when I am  unexpectedly busted singing and dancing to the Monster Mash
~  If I could sing and dance it would be just fine.. 
 but this girl has NO rhythm!
Come in.  
I am so happy to have you on this home tour with me.
Thank you Mica for asking me to share our home.
Before we go any farther
I must tell you that..  October is my favorite month.
Normally, as you enter the sun porch
 you would be greeted by gentle breezes and sunny colors.
But since it is October,
I am afraid to tell you that you will be greeted 
 by the creepy welcoming committee.
Don't worry..  
 They've been tamed.
Growing up,  I wasn't one of those girls with the pretty pink canopy bed and majorette lessons.
No sirree. 
 I was a girl with tattered shoes and a handful of possessions. 
My family was poor, everything my mother owned was given to her.
My mom  made the best of it, always making our rented houses and apartments a home.
While most kids my age were scanning the Sears catalog for cool clothes and new Atari games,
I  had a different passion ~ the housewares section.
I could sit in a room for hours and browse the catalog and mentally decorate my moms house.
I had this image of what a home was supposed to look like..
Formal, with draperies, wallpaper and matching china.
Floor lamps with cozy light, Grandfather clocks and furniture that matched.
And my dream home included family..
family that sat around my (dream) lace covered table and celebrated holidays with tall fluted glasses and fancy silver.
A lot has changed since way back then,
especially my decorating ideas.
Today, I don't care if things match.
In fact, in most cases I don't want them to.
I love to decorate with things found at the thrift shops and home made items.
Polka dots, photographs, old toys, palettes of color and complete randomness ~
The greatest thing that fills our house is something that you can't find in any catalog;
 love and laughter, here you will find  plenty of both.
This is the living room...  and it is well lived in.
This room just smiles at me..   come in, sit down, put your feet on the table.
Sharky would much rather be stretched out on the sofa.
At night..  if you creep very quietly down the steps you will
 catch him snoozing where he is not allowed!
The dining room is just as random as the rest of the house.
( can you tell that I love bunting!!)
I always keep the dining room table set..  
my main reason for doing so is so that it doesn't collect junk,
book bags, man supplies, mail...  you know!
Here is the room last Christmas.
It feels so warm and cozy ~ 
We live simple and small in the Spoonful house
and it feels good.  
I wish my mom had a little house like this.
Darla loves to sit near the fire 
when she's cold.
Lets go to the kitchen.
Can I get you a coffee?
23 years ago, Paul and I had our first date in this kitchen.
It looks a lot different then it used to.
I painted the cabinets, painted the walls ( a billion times), 
put in the new floor, added the pressed tin back drop and
 recently made over the counter tops.
I said I..  because I did it all myself.  : ) 
Girls rule!!
Long before the black appliances and the painted cabinets and counter tops..
this is what our kitchen looked like when we were first married.
It is hard to believe that this is the same corner.
My favorite thing about this old  house...
  We've had such a long history here that everywhere I look,  there is a memory.
Lets go upstairs.
If the banister post looks a little odd..
  that's because Paul and I made it  look like the
 lighthouse on our favorite beach.
Look who is waiting for us upstairs..
Hi Stymie!
For some reason, Stymie's favorite
 room is the bathroom!
Yes.  That is a black sparkly pumpkin
 on the bathroom floor.
From this room you can hear a lot of giggling and creating
but hardly will you ever hear the sound of a vacuum cleaner.
And from this room you will hear the most beautiful
 angelic music that you have ever heard.
This room is still in need of a makeover
 and most days looks like my closet and 
dresser have thrown up all over the floor!
Are you ready for an adventure?
Follow me to no mans land..
  a place that I hardly ever show.
Through this secret door..
And up another
 flight of steps.
 leads to the coolest room in the house!!!
And someday.. when I've finally finished cleaning and organizing.
and when the stink bugs are all gone~
I will take you all the way up!
Meanwhile,  Lets go back downstairs..
Thank you for coming along on this tour.
I hope that you enjoyed yourself and felt at home here in the Spoonful house.
Come back any time!


  1. Leslie, I love your home! so charming and cheerful. I can see why Mica choose you for this spotlight! I hope she added a link to your blog. I think she did.
    Loving your monstery porch.
    have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing your home with us!

  2. Your house is so charming! Thank you for letting us se it. I think my favorite thing is actually the sunflower in the kitchen.

  3. Thank you so much for the feature ~ I am honored to be here!!!!

    I received my package today and well.. it's awesome!!! Now I have something to look forward to when I take the Halloween stuff down. Thanks again!!!!!

  4. What a lovely home! I especially love the light house banister!

    Sandy xox

  5. Such a beautiful and sweet home!! Love all the special touches!! xo Heather

  6. You have such a happy home! I enjoyed visiting!