Saturday, October 20, 2012


My son went by our old house in Washington the other day, and took this picture. It really brought back some memories of this little home. So, I gathered up some of those old memories to share with you. It was just about 11 years ago we would go down to Snohomish on weekends to scour the book shops and Antique Malls...We loved it so much there, that one day we went around a little cul de sac and saw a for rent sign. We loved the town so much and the little house, that we had to jump on it...
We moved in shortly after.

The little house was surrounded by other cute old homes...It was the sweetest little spot... Our backyard overlooked the Snohomish River which you can see in the second picture of this post. I was in love. The little house on your far right was the house we moved into. It was built in 1897, it was small, yet quaint. I am uncertain if I really believe in ghosts, but something lived with us for the time we were there. Sometimes it would scare me. I always felt someone was there. My son who was about 7 at the time remembers vividly seeing a child's shadow going from his room into his sisters room. I can tell you this though as the history of the house was sought after by our Landlord who told me that there was a child who lived there and drown in a fountain that used to be where you see the lavender bushes and benches. (sigh)..This was a home where we shared so much in. A home where our son would learn to play piano, our daughter took her first steps, we started home schooling there, we would learn of the tragedy of the New York Twin Towers collapsing. 
This was the home where I learned how to garden, I would pick wild blackberries and rhubard out my back door and bake pies, I would learn how to can fruit and make jam, we would have 400 people come through our home in one day for the annual Christmas Parlor Tour, we would grow many friendships here, host Bible studies and baby showers and just hang out some evenings chatting with our neighbors till the sun went down.
Mind you...I was not into blogging or taking pictures back then....I wish I would have taken more pictures of our time here, for these are the only pictures I have on the inside. Crazy...I could just smack myself for not taking stinkin pictures. Anyhoo...This was our little living room parlor...You can say, I was really into SIMPLE Primitive Country and boy was it dark in there with all that dark decor...
No wonder I like COLOR so much now.
I just realized as I was posting this photo to my computer, my baby girl is sitting there at the table. Many meals were spent here as many lessons were also taught and many prayers were given.
We took walks almost daily downtown for we were only just right around the corner from all of our favorite places. This was the first place I would sell my handmade dolls and wares, in a Country Store called Speckled Hen. The owner had invited me two years in a row to be a featured Artist during her Christmas Open House. My stuff sold like hot cakes...Those were the days.


After a while, we ended up moving into the house next door...Yeah crazy...Only next door. Why? Well, It had an extra room and it was a bit larger...AND, I loved the lay out. The extra room became our school room. And would you believe???? Because I don't...I never took pictures of the house inside. It was cozy with french doors, wood banister, a sweet little claw foot tub and a huge kitchen with original evrything in it. This little house was built in 1902. Not long after living there, we finally bought our first home....It was a cookie cutter brand new home which didn't have character... Oh how I missed living here after that. Often I think back of our time here...Our neighbors were all wonderful, the gardens grew to be so beautiful, everyone loved the same thing, it was simple, it was sweet and was perfect for our family at that season.

It was truly a blessing that we had the few years
we did there in that little town.
I miss it.
 I will always remember it. and treasure the
moments and memories we made.


  1. what sweet homes! I was into country primitive for a while too. funny how our tastes evolve. How adorable your children were! (ARE!)
    I dont have many pics of the other places we have lived... and if I did, I was a different person back then, and had no clue how to decorate or make a house a home! but we've lived here for 27 years now. wow! Have a good trip this week Mica!

  2. It's sweet to reminisce...your 'old' house and neighborhood look SO charming!!

  3. What a sweet remeberance. All the reasons you mentioned, when I bought my house I moved into an old established neighborhood. Sidewalks, porch parties, walking distance to town. I love it!

  4. What lovely memories and this post brought tears to my eyes. Have a great weekend.

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Viv, thanks...I miss it so, I am yearning, Mica

  6. susan, your so sweet, thank you for the comment...It brought back so many memories, i love looking back at all my old photo's even of my children, they have grown so fast!!!

  7. Ann, thank you for sharing too. Memories are so good to have, sometimes they are all people do have. Hugs

  8. Susan and Bently,

    I only hope they were good tears.;)

  9. Oh my goodness, that is such a cute house and cute town! It sounds and looks like it was wonderful there -- no wonder your family misses it so much.

    I've heard tell here in Tennessee that they only say it rains all the time in Washington otherwise everyone would want to move there and it would turn into California.

    I love that free-standing door in the garden.

  10. Diana, thank you for the comment. I love the door too....I will definetly be doing that in a future home...Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  11. What charming pictures and story! I have similar memories and connections to my own little place in the Pacific Northwest (Vashon) where I too learned how to shed the city girl and learn to cook, can, sew... It was a great season in my life, too! Blessings on you, Lori

  12. Lots of good memories there huh?
    It was a wonderful house.

  13. Love this post...I have a pen pal and friend who lives in Bellingham...she visits there in the fall every year...she loves it....maybe someday if I ever get to Washington..I too can visit. How blessed you and your family were to live in such a wonderful place...I will take an old house any day over a brand new one :)

  14. Mama, yes great memories, glad you had the chance to be there with us on one of your visits...and shopping in the antique shops, I will always treasure!

  15. Shelly, yeah, I love old houses...sometimes they are hard to find available to live in...Someday...someday.

  16. Lori, thanks. I didn't know you lived in on Vashon Island. That would be a great convo someday.

  17. Snohomish is one of our favorite places...we live in the next town north, Lake Stevens.
    My daughter, who just got married on Saturday, will be living in Snohomish with her new hubby!
    Love all the shops there, great little restaurants too. Enjoyed your photos!


  18. Nadine, thank you for sharing. Say Hello to Snohomish for me. tee hee...Mica