Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stroll With Me Through Halloween's Past....

I made this just for you dear readers.
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Seeing my old house really brought back some memories from my previous post. So, I spent some time this weekend going through some other memories...Like my kids dressing up for Halloween. It was quite the treat to look back at how much they have grown, what we dressed them up in etc.... We went back and forth with the Halloween thing over the years. There were a few in between where we did not dress up, but would celebrate at a Church Harvest function or we would celebrate Reformation Day instead. No matter though, the years we dressed up were fun times in our home...Something they looked forward to and one memory I am sure they will cherish in their childhood memories when they are older.

Here's my boy...
A little Jack O Lantern...S
o cute right down to that little nose.

Here he is was Robin Hood.
 I made the costume for him.
Too funny.
He was two at the time....So little.
The year after that I made another costume...He was Noah....See the two lions? They are my Nephews. Tee hee...Noah and the two lions and a Pegasus?

Then he was a Scarecrow.
fast forward a couple years...I made these costumes. My son was a frog...The red thing hanging from his hat was supposed to be a tongue with bugs on it. This was our first Halloween with our baby girl so her and I became Lady Bugs....We were the only bugs my son ( The frog ) Didn't eat that night.
This was one of my favorite Halloween's. My son was a Skelly Man and I made my daughter's costume...She is supposed to be a flower. Can't you tell? Trick or treating in our old town neighborhood is like going back in time...The sights, the sounds of a ton of kids dressed up,
 knocking on the doors of historic houses as your feet crunch down
on streets of leaves in the coldest of nights, was a delightful memory. A bunch of old fashioned fun.
Of course every year we carve pumpkins...
A tradition we will always keep.
The next year I made their costumes again. This time we had a Knight and a chicken. I remember using the Martha Stewart directions for the chicken costume...That was a fun one. I also made my son's shield from a piece of plywood. On it,  I painted
 my husband's Italian Garbarino Family crest. We still have that.
Ahhh. The year of the Princess and
Neo from The Matrix...
Next up I made my daughter a butterfly costume and below
she was a little cheetah girl ballerina.
And.... one of the last years my son actually dressed up, I made him a Link costume,
 a character from a video game called Zelda.
Finally we have my daughters costume from last year. I made an owl costume for her. One of my favorite costumes yet. This year she will be dressing up as The Hunger Games movie character, Katniss. Who knows, this just might be the last year she will dress up for trick or treating. Thanks for coming along with me down memory lane. It was so fun to look back at these pictures with you. Have a wonderful weekend. See ya Monday. And be ready for the next installment in another home tour coming up this Wednesday.


  1. What precious photos Mica!
    They have grown so fast. Where does the time go?
    Love you guys

  2. Enjoyed seeing all those very cute photos...thanks for sharing Mica...your old neighborhood sounds wonderful...blessings

  3. Love all these sweet photos!! Too precious! xo Heather

  4. Mama Chickki, thank you. Yes time flies doesn't it? I miss them that small...but love them even more how they are now. Love ya!

  5. Shelly, thank you sweets. Yes that neighborhood was definitely a treat to live in. XOXO