Sunday, November 25, 2012

Draw Near...

This Thanksgiving was very special to us.We had two wonderful Thanksgiving's spent with our closest friends. Thursday was sweet and simple, and relaxing. My friends wouldn't let me do a thing. I tried..They wanted to serve. It was so nice as well as their fellowship. Then on Saturday we spent another wonderful filled day with friends, food and fellowship....It was so wonderful to spend time with friends who truly care for you, who will and have been there through the thick of it all. Friends who will take the brunt of your pains. We are truly blessed with the friends we have...And the food, was out of this world wonderful.
After Saturday nights dinner we just hung out all night talking, laughing and watched a movie...snuggled down in our jammies till late at night and had a sleep over. These will be cherished memories we will forever keep close to our hearts. Real friends are hard to find I must say. These ones are keepers.

We have all ( my family) learned many lessons on that fact. It has been revealed to us in many ways the last couple years. Some ways have been gut wrenching and hurtful and others have shown their true colors while there are the few who have stuck through as loyal, genuine, caring relationships. It has been a hard lesson to swallow in some cases yet I can say those lessons were for our good and surely God's way of revealing to us to see what is bad, what is rotten and what is false as well as what is good, what is pure, what is true. This has only made us grow closer in many ways as a family but especially has only drawn us closer to Christ. It has opened our eyes to see the ones who are really there, the ones who will forever have your back. So, now as we move into the next chapter of our lives...We have started to let go of those rotten apples among us, so that we may draw ever more closer to our Lord who will never forsake us. In time we will heal, put it all behind us & move on and rejoice. The weight is lifted.
And sometimes that is what you must do. Let go of things that weigh
 us down and yes, sometimes that means letting go of certain
people in your lives and holding on to the ones who lift you up in spirit and prayer.
I am thankful to God that He gives these hard lessons to us,
even though it may be uncomfortable or painful in that moment.
The heavy load was purchased by His blood...
For me and my family, so that we don't have to bear it.
Draw near to God and He will Draw near to you.
66. The love of Christ and knowing
we can draw near to Him.
67. Bountiful blessings
68. Thanksgiving Fellowship & Fantastic Food
69. True friends
70. Truth


  1. Im glad you had a wonderful weekend full of family friends and food! the perfect companions for a thankful heart!
    have a great week mica!

  2. A very insightful post! Sounds like your weekend was wonderful and truly everything that a holiday should be.

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Such a great post!!! Glad that you had a great thanksgiving weekend.

  4. A sweet and truthful post! Glad you Thanksgiving was blessed with family and dear friends! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  5. Oh My heart Hurts because I can totally relate, totally relate. But there is such truth that the Lord reveals this to us so that we can let it go. The pain will decrease especially as he increases,God is so Good, Even in the dark and pain.

    I love you all so much, Miss you terribly and am praying for you.

    Love your sissy