Friday, November 23, 2012

Home Decor~ Inspiration Mood Boards

I made some home decorating Inspiration
mood boards...This is just some of the stuff I would love
to do in my own home.And surely here to give y'all inspiration too.
They were fun to make...I hope you like them. The first one is
The Living Room~
~I would love to re~upholster my chair like the patchwork one here.
 It is so stinking cute. I would probably choose a different pallet of color...
But this is pretty close. The couch is from Ikea as is the pendant light..
.I just adore the bright, cheery colors don't you?

Next is a bright
 Kitschy Kitchen~
Oh how I would love that fridge and stove or something like it. I adore vintage linens and a farm sink oh my...The table here would make an awesome kitchen island...and definetly the vintage dishes in white, red and robins egg blue. A red telly and all the accessories...Yummy...

The Dining Room~
I love the colors...the pendant light from Ikea, the fabrics would be great for napkins or table runners etc....Mis matched chairs and a white farm stle log table...This is right up my alley.

The Bedroom~
I love the Ikea bed...I actually have one, the colorful afghan with the polka dotted bedding from fun...An old dresser and side table with hoop art on the walls, patchwork pillows full of color ..I am in love with this. Okay some day.... For now my house is being packed up to be put into storage for who knows how long...I will just have to enjoy these mood boards for now. (sigh).
I will be sure to share some more rooms with you soon. have a wonderful Friday.


  1. Those Mood Boards have your name all over them! Have fun setting up your next home....decorating is always the best part of moving..except when I was a girl and had to help my mama hang took forever...had to be just so so :)
    Blessings sweet friend

  2. Oh, I love everything on these!
    We have that same Ikea bed too. I have Cath Kidston bedding on them from Ikea many,many years ago.

  3. I love this Idea, A mood Board! You are ever inspiring my love!!!!