Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh Canada...

o as many of you know we took a trip up to Canada. We were cordially invited up there for a job interview of sorts at a church in Toronto. The plane rides are not my favorite...planes scare me. I white knuckle it most of the way, any turbulence disrupts my peace within, I feel anxiety and it stresses me out, so much that it takes several hours to calm myself. I am not outwardly freaking out on the plane freaking others out though...It is a very internal hell for me. I pray before we take off and give thanks when we land...Despite the torture of the planes...
The trip itself was great. Our hosts were very hospitable.

My husband had the pleasure of preaching for this congregation for both of their services on Sunday. We were taken out, fed well, had the chance to meet the people in the church and took a lovely walk along Humber River.
Our gracious hosts took us to downtown Toronto.
We rode the subways and took some
scenic snapshots of some of the sights.
Of course the most favorite things we adored were the older buildings surrounded by the newer buildings. My heart swoons for the historic older buildings. We found that much of Toronto as well as downtown reminded us of our 10 year experience living in Washington. the architecture, the surroundings, the trees and the weather gave us a pleasant memory of that time in our lives.
Our five day stay ended up being a six day stay due to the storms and Hurricane Sandy off the East Coast. Our flight was canceled. We then made arrangements to fly out in a different direction and made it home safely. And yes, unfortunately I gave myself a bit of anxiety on the flights home too. I thanked God for bringing us back to the earths surface once we landed on home soil. The trip was a wonderful experience. The church, the people, the area were a delight to take in. We will not know anything as to if we got the job or not for a we are still waiting on the Lord and His timing. I am trying to be patient and know that if it not be in Canada, He surely has a plan for us elsewhere.

No matter, it was a nice vacation spent with my Dear Mr. Darling.
We are alway's up for an adventure.


  1. So nice to see Toronto there Mica. Have not seen it in many years now, at least 13. Very big city and lots to do. Praying you don't have to wait long to hear an answer! xxoo

  2. You have a great outlook about the lord having a place for you, being toronto or elsewhere. but I do hope its toronto! I wish there was a place near me! in anycase, what an exciting time for you and your family!
    keep us posted

  3. It's cool seeing Toronto through your eyes. My Husband and I spent our wedding night at the Royal York hotel....

  4. Beautiful photos...I feel the same as you about flying :) Not fun for me either. I will be in agreement with you...if it be the Lords will,Yes, he has a plan...blessings

  5. Happy that you both made it back home safely and that you had a lovely trip up to Canada!


  6. Marie, it was a pleasure to be there, glad I could take some pictures for y'all to see....Thank you also for your prayers, you have always been here for me. Hugs, Mica

  7. Vivian, I try to have a good outlook...sometimes honestly it is hard especially in our circumstance at this moment. Prayers are always welcomed and needed. I think it would be great to live in that area and have the opportunity to get together with you & Sandy, my long time blogger buddies...Keep praying. Soon we will have an answer.Hugs, Mica

  8. Sandy, the Royal York is awesome...the old architecture and the inside was very lovely indeed. How are the rooms inside? Hopefully we will know a definite answer in the upcoming weeks. Hugs, Mica

  9. Shelly, thank also are one who has been here for a long time and I have cherished our bloggy friendship, I appericiate your thoughts and prayers always. Hugs Mica

  10. Well Canada looks fantastic! I am so sorry you had such anxiety on the way but then that lay over going would have given me anxiety without the looooong in the air trip!

    I am so happy you are home safe and sound. I will be praying that you hear something real soon and yes if not there then God has another place in mind for you.

    Love you guys

  11. Nadine, I too am happy we made it safe at home...It felt like forever we were gone when I looked in our daughters face after only being gone for a week...I missed my kids the most. Yet had a great trip with my hubby. Hugs, Mica

  12. Mom, yes, Canada is very much like washington,you would probably enjoy venturing out...Thankfully due to our plane being canceled we didn't have to have that long 11 hour layover in Washington DC...We were in the comfort of our hosts home until leaving the next day...we even got home sooner than we would have if we would have had that dreadful layover. God is good. He has something in store. There are a few churches also that just came up with open pulpits..Tony will be putting his name it those hats..Hugs, Mica

  13. So glad you made it home safely and had a lovely time! Thanks for sharing your pretty photos and trip! xo Heather

  14. Heather, thank you. I did come home with a cold though...have been ill for a couple days...hoping to get back into the swin of things this week. Hugs, Mica