Friday, November 2, 2012

Hollows Eve Recap...

We made it home safely from Canada, just in time for Halloween with our daughter and friends. Our flight had been cancelled but we were able to switch to a different flight into Chicago instead of Washington DC, well away from the hurricane. Leaving Toronto was a bit blustery with a lot of turbulence in the airplane which kinda freaked me out...then all was well the rest of the trip home. So thrilled beyond mention to reunite with our daughter, friends and family. Will post a bit on our trip but had to get the Halloween post out of the way, since it is past the date now. So here we go...

Here's the kids this year.
Doctor Who,
Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games,
A Spunky Cheerleader
 La Llorona " The Crying Woman"
Of course they partook in the traditional
carving of Jack O Lanterns. From pumpkins and a turnip.

My son whom is still in Washington
 ( will also be back home next week...Yay)
 sent this picture of himself and his buddy.
 My son dressed up as Doctor Who and his friend appears to be a Ninja.
A bit later Marie Antoinette arrived. The kids had a good time going from house to house,
another year down and another memory to be cherished.
Hoping your Hallows Eve celebrations
were fun filled and safe.


  1. thank you Colleen, our kids have become quite the fans of the newer BBC Doctor Who shows...Funny, but love it. Thanks for popping in.

  2. Mica I swear you need to set up a photography business . You photos are fantastic !

    The kids look like they had a ball. I bet you will be so happy to have Vinnie home !