Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One Thousand Posts, One Thousand Gifts, Thanksgiving Pom Pom Flowers and A Thankful Giveaway...

Preparing for Thanksgiving and a bit of decorating before I have to pack it all away. I wanted to make something fun, festive and colorful for the mantel, hopped on Pinterest and got some wonderful inspiration from several different bloggers by making Yarn Pom Pom Flowers.
Here is a tutorial on how to make pom poms.
My color scheme was inspired by this darling vintage turkey
 salt shaker I have. This is my kind of Thanksgiving colors.

I made them, then tied them onto branches from outside, placed them in a jar and voila...A fun piece for the Holiday. I have also approached ONE THOUSAND blog posts. I got to thinking about many things, many things I am blessed by, many things that are gifts to me, even through all the struggles in this life I can look on the brighter side....The blessings God has given and knowing it could be a thousand times worse. I truly, truly have nothing worthy to complain about. Though we will be leaving this house and staying with someone else for a time, we still will have The good Lord watching over us, providing for our needs, a roof over our head, food on the table, warm clothes to wear, our good health (for the most part) and our family and friends all around us. That I am ever so greatful for. I give thanks to God, for He is good to us. I have also recently realized I had stopped at 60 written gifts which I have recorded in many blog posts inspired by the book "One Thousand Gifts" I am going to start recording them again at the end of my posts...I know I can do it, there really is so much I can consider a gift and to be greatful and thankful for those gifts.

I am also very greatful to have this blog space. A place to share my faith, my thoughts, my journey, to record my children growing up, special times we have shared, pictures, art, crafts, recipes, decorating...My life in general. I am tickled that anyone would even find my little blog interesting. I am greatful for the friendships that I have made through this blog, the handful of wonderful ladies and artists I have met in person, the ladies that are always there for me, who always stop by and leave a comment, those who send me an e-mail when they are concerned if I am alive and even to those who have actually gone out of their way to send me or my kids a gift. So, to those who read my blog...I am thankful for you...You are all such a sweet inspiration to me. I have not much to give in return, but thought it would be fun to commerate my ONE THOUSANDTH POST and have a little give away.

I made/designed this colorful Autumn Subway Art Print and thought I would send one out. I wish I could send out more to each and everyone of my readers. I can only do one for now. If you would like to enter my 1,000th post give away, leave me a comment, tell me what you are thankful for this year. We will draw a name on Friday and ship it out. Sorry the frame is not included, yet I do suggest an 11X14 matted frame that holds an 8X10 like the one above...It looks great in it.

For the first six commenters,
I will send you a little treat as well.
A small print of my original artwork.
Have a blessed day...Thank you from the bottom
 of my heart for all your support.
61. A home to live in
62. For God's unfailing love and provision
63. For our friends who lift us up when we are down
64. For my Blog Followers, who support me
65. This blog and my fellow bloggers


  1. I adore yor blog and would be tickled to win your giveaway! I am also in love with your pom poms!

  2. You my friend are a blessing to us who read your blog. always honest, always inspirational creatively and spiritually, always bright and colorful.. always you!
    thank you for sharing your life and family with us!!

  3. Your posts are always a delight to read and eye candy to look at!

    Pom poms are always fun, and pom pom flowers in "your" colors -- sure to make you smile on the dreariest of late autumn days!

  4. Very cute pom pom flowers. Congratulations on your milestone!!

  5. Please enter me! Congrats! I enjoy reading about your colorful blog and talented family!

  6. How adorable, love the bright colors!!

  7. Happy 1000th Post! :)
    I like the pom-pom flowers, a nice touch of bright colors for the holidays!


  8. Love your pom pom flowers!! They are so fun to make and look so pretty!! Yay, on 1000 posts!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  9. Mippie, thank you, your very sweet comment made me smile. Please e-mail me your address so I can ship the small print...I will draw a name this Friday for the Subway Art.

  10. Viv, your the best! I feel the same about you. Send me your address for the small print. Will draw a name Friday for the big print
    Hugs, Mica

    My e-mail is garboodles@gmail.com

  11. Diana, thank you for being a reader. Please e-mail me at garboodles@gmail for the small print. will draw a name Friday for the big print.

  12. Laura, thank you...for your sweet comment. Please e-mail me your address so I can ship the small print off to you. I will draw a name for the big print Friday. garboodles@gmail.com

  13. Linda, Thank you for your kind comment. Please send me your address to garboodles@gmail.com so I can send you the small print, I will draw a name for the big print on Friday!!!

  14. Shannon, thank you kindly. Please send me your address to garboodles@gmail.com so I can send you the small print. I will draw a name for the big print Friday!!!

  15. Sandy, your such a sweety heart....Thank you so much. will draw a name for the big print Friday!!! Hugs

  16. Nadine, thank you for being a reader and your sweet comment. Will draw a name this Friday for the big Subway Art print. Mica

  17. Heather, your such a doll, thank you for your sweet comment. I will draw a name for the big print on Friday!!!