Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Mantel

Sorry I don't have a Home Sweet Home Tour for you today. Unfortunately I never received the gals post to share with you all. So sorry about that. o I hope I can make it all better by sharing a corner of my home with you. Our Thanksgiving mantel. In my previous post I shared the colorful pom pom flowers I made, which are totally my kind of Autumn colors. Then I remembered when I was about 10 years old I had a neighbor who was really into crochet and yarn crafts. She showed me how to finger weave with yarn. Well, to this day I never forgot, since it is actually quite easy to do...

I taught my daughter how to do it the other day. With that, we decided to make some colorful finger weaved garland for our mantel to match the colors in the pom pom flowers. We worked a couple of hours to get the rainbow Autumn colors we wanted and strung them to the mantel. It is quite cute, simple yet festive , just in time for Thanksgiving Day. And, here is how it turned out.
My daughter liked it so much she requested when we are done with it, if she could have it for her room, then also to create a scarf with it...I have some ideas for just that, which I will share soon. And, yes she can have them for her room...It will totally match her colors and personality. Want to learn how to do this...Look up finger weaving or finger knitting on the internet, there are several tutorials. Have fun with it, use any color yarn you desire. Simple, easy, fun and keeps you busy while watching your favorite show too.

66. thankful for the woman who taught me to finger weaving
67. The time spent with my daughter making this fun
 crafty decor for our Thanksgiving Mantel
68. For all the colors in God's RAINBOW
69. For sweater weather
70. The roaring fire we enjoyed tonight


  1. I used to know how to do that! but its been about 40 some odd years since I learned how... (omg... thats so long ago.. Im getting so old!) lol
    your mantle is bright and festive! Just as we would expect! happy day miss mica!

  2. Beautiful...such happy colors. Smiles..Renee

  3. Very pretty,and I love handmade so much more than any store two did a great job....blessings