Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vivian's Home Sweet Home Tour...Christmas Home....

Welcome my special bloggy friend Viv from
She is a very creative gal and one of my longest pals from my bloggy years even before I started blogging here...We met through my Garb-oodles blog many years ago. Please give a warm welcome to Viv sweet comment, go by and take a gander at her whimsies and such. She is sharing her home sweet home in Christmas style...Without further ado...
Good Morning!
Mica has asked me to share my Christmas home sweet home with you.  It just so happens, that I took a bunch of pics the other morning to share on my blog, so I'm ahead of the game and don't have to start from scratch!
The hardest part is deciding which of the 50 or
 so shots to share!
I guess we'll start at the beginning!
living room 2
Our house is very small!  but it is kind of cute and cozy!  I love to create and decorate.  Every new holiday or season is a reason to dig out bin after bin and spend day after day setting cute little collections out and tweaking them all
 until they are just so!  
tree 1tree 3
tree 4tree 5
Our tree is a small twiggy woodsy type tree.  We've always had a bigger fresh cut tree, but since the arrival of a new family member, (my grandmothers parrot) there is no longer room for the tree we were used to having.  but this tree is sweet enough, and like most mothers, it is full of ornaments made by my children...( oh so long ago!)
santa and friendstree on tvangels we have heard on high
In every corner of my house you will find some little bit of  Christmas and more small Christmas trees!  I sometimes wish I was a minimalist.. I love the  look of a white room with fresh greens and just a few accent pieces.. I love it, but I'm just not capable of it! 
living room 1 
There is something Christmasy everywhere!  Even the bears dress up for the holiday!
on the china cabchristmas bears
deer on the doorfront door
I have been blessed with lots of artsy friends, many of which I've met here in blogland, and I have received lots of special ornaments in swaps that I have on trees through out my house including some from Mica!
micas ornie
Thank you Mica!!
living room shelves
These shelves above are one of my favorite areas to decorate. I love little things and I love to mix old and new together.  I need more vintage Christmas things though.. yes, I'm sure I have a little more room! lol! 
on the chairsanta 1
I used to make a santa claus every year, but haven't done so in a few.. I always seem to run out of time!    soooo many ideas living in my head..I can never seem to get to them all!
But I have fun trying!  
My kitchen is packed full of bright and cheerful things.  I love turning on all the little lights and candles and sitting in there sipping hot tea and eating Christmas cookies!
peek a boosanta light
elf palskitchen tree and friends
Speaking of Christmas cookies..
I need to make some! 
I need a fairy god mother! 
over the sink
This little guy plays peek aboo over my sink.  Isn't he adorable?  It would be great if he made the cookies while I was at work today!   (if only!!)
 I love those mini little evergreen trees behind him.  I buy them every year and after Christmas they always die... I wonder if I can plant them outside!?
over the sink 2over the sink 3
little snow friends5
Happy little snowmen faces.. and a little old elf climbing up a garland trying to keep safe from figgy and frannie I bet! (my kitties for those of you that don't know me)
a little cupboardhappy facesminis6
Gosh!!  Christmas is one week from today!  You won't be reading this til tomorrow so by then, it'll be less then a week!   I still have a few things to pick up.. gift cards mostly..
and groceries.  
 fluffy fakes!
Every year, We host Christmas Eve here for our family and two other families, our closest friends.  (They wont be eating these cupcakes though.. since they are made from plaster and spackling!)   Always crowded but fun!! My family of 6 has turned into a family of 14 in the last couple years!!  woohoo!
that's 14 stockings to fill Santa!
yeah, we cant all sit here!  lol! 
I love to collect lori mitchell figures.  I think she should come out with a little nativity set!! 
I'm going to email her and tell her that!
Now you are entering my disasterous craft room!  I didn't clean it up before taking pictures.. it is almost always a mess.. I am a messy creator!   
craft room 1craft room 2
craft room shelf 2craft room shelf 1
There are a couple other rooms I have decorated, but not enough to bother showing you..  
I love Christmas, and though I do get caught up in all the hustle and bustle and the spending and decorating.. and santa and his elves, the baking and cooking and all that jazz...
kitchen nativity
I do know the real reason for the season and that is always present in my heart.  
Happy Birthday and thank you JESUS.
And thank you Mica for asking me to share
 my little home sweet home.
I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Viv - Now, I understand why you said you took about 90 pictures over the weekend. The shelves in your kitchen are just perfect for your special vignettes. I love your passion for decorating for each holiday. You're beautiful creativity is seen throughout your home.

  2. I love your house! It is very cozy looking. All of your Christmas decor is darling.

    Amy Jo

  3. What a lovely tour of your beautifully decorated home, Viv! Thanks for sharing! Christmas Blessings!

  4. Viv's home is so fun and festive...thanks Mica for hosting the tour....blessings

  5. Thanks Viv and Mica! It is such a quaint place and it looks even better in person. Happy Holidays!

    Sandy xox

  6. Viv those trees you say die after Christmas behind the peeking elf, they look just like a minature tree I have planted here in Alaska in my fairy garden. A friend brought it to me from another state and it does have a tag out there with it. It's very cold here now and it survives. Love all your decorating. You must have all this stored during the year and bring it out for the holidays, quite the job but fun I'm sure seeing all the old friends.

  7. Thanks MIca for including me in your home tours. It was fun to put this together for you. I cant believe only 4 more days now, then it will be almost time to put everything away again... I can not stand the thought!
    thanks again dear friend

  8. Lovely home! But PLEASE tell me how you persuade your cats to leave the house as you intended it to be? My two seem to think their role in life is to make interior alterations without permission!