Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little Things

Hello friends, it's another week, another Monday...How are you? Sorry I have not been posting much...I just aint got notin'. I am trying to find inspiration to begin on new art pieces...I am really digging deep, and have some ideas in my mind...it's getting h
them out that's the problem. Aside from that....Freckles and I have gotten out a bit ti find some little things from thrift shops around town....We didn't find much...
But still had a good time together, as we always do.
I love that she likes to thrift shop with me.....Anyhoo....
I was pleased to find this cute red and white potholder
for a whopping 75 cents...Can't
 wait to add it to my collection in my new
 future kitchen ( where ever that may be)

Another fun little thing we found was the old thermos...It is in orange and brown...the inside was broken, so I removed the insides and decided to use it for Freckles pens~markers and pencils on her work area...Cute,functional and just perfect for my little write. In the Spring & Summer it just may have to hold a little bouquet of flowers. She loves it...And oh so cute, coupled with her darling vintage typewriter she got from her Gramma last year for her birthday.

Lastly this darling little thing awaited to be adopted for just a $1.50....He is adorable...He loves books, just like Freckles. So we brought him home. So, we didn't find anything realllllly spectacular, but sometimes it's the little things that brighten up ones day...and these little things did just that and didn't break the budget. Hope y'all are having a great week...Sorry to my regular readers and favorite blogs for not coming by lately...and leaving some love...I hope to get back to reading your blogs as soon as I get a better regiment to my day started. Hugs to you all. Have a blessed week.


  1. oh, there you are Mica! was missing you! I was wondering how things were going. I'm glad you got out and found a few little treasures. I havent been out of my house all weekend except saturday morning when I went grocery shopping! Back to work today... in a ton of cold white stuff.. about 8 degrees with a -10 wind chill! Not looking forward to going out this morning or to driving in this snow!
    have a great day.. hope the sun is shining there!

  2. My daughter is 37 and we still love going to the thrift store together. You found some cute little things...blessings