Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blooming Idea...

We went to World Market a few weeks back and treated ourselves to some fun sodas. The sweet bottles alone were just fabulous. I love the vintage style labels on these....If you know me or have been reading for a few years, you know how much I love fun containers such as these to put flowers inside. I knew these whimsical bottles would be a great addition to my little collection.

What to do with them?
Put some colorful blooms in each, of course.
So fun, it adds brilliant color to your day.

When not in use...They would be a delight to the eye,
 displayed in a glass or open cupboard.
If you can't find these, let me know, I can pick them up at
 World Market for a small fee plus shipping.
Have a Blooming Day.


  1. Too cute...I love the bright colors!


  2. I would have brought them home too....hope all is well with you and yours dear friend....blessings

  3. So adorable!! I have some that I do the same with!! ;) xo heather

  4. HI mIca! Ive been missing you! Love the bottles and yes, Ive been reading you long enough to know how much you like things like this.
    Ive been wondering how things are going with the job hunt. Goodness.. I know God has something perfect in the works.. wonder what and where and I do wish he'd hurry for you.
    Have a great weekend!!