Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

This Easter is quite different to us from the many years we have celebrated in past years. This is the first year our little family is apart from one another. With our son now living in Washington, my hubby, flew up to Washington for some pulpit filling (preaching for other churches) and temporary work. Not only will he be away for Easter, he will also miss our anniversary which is just a few days away...He will return just in time for my birthday in April. It's just me and Freckles this year... My other family members don't attend church, so it will just be the two of us for the day. I made sure that my daughter still got to enjoy a few of our favorite traditions and tried to give her a sense of comfort since we are not in our own home....
One was giving her an Easter Basket of course.

A few treats and a couple fun surprises gave her smiles. We colored Easter eggs...This year we did it a bit different...instead of dunking our eggs in dye, we poured vinegar on each egg then dropped a few drops of color on each egg inside a colander, we swirled it around until each egg was covered, then placed it on a paper towel until dry...This gave our eggs the deepest most vibrant colors. It was so messy...we used rubber gloves to do it...If we hadn't, our hand would have been dyed for days.

 I also made a special little morning treat, which we
 will have in the morning before church.
I found this fun recipe on a blog called
The Italian Dish...Italian Easter Bread
It will pair nicely with a nice cup of tea...and there is a little egg involved
 in this delightful sweet bread. Yum.
We will be missing our guy's something terrible...
Yet, I thank God I have my sweet girl to spend it with.
I pray you and yours will have a blessed Easter Sunday with your loved ones...
As you reflect on what Christ has done for you...

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  1. My Easter too was a bit different this year..just a little bittersweet,but still the true reason why we celebrate remains and shall always! Christ has Risen.....God is on the throne and all is well with my soul. Blessings to you my friend and your dear sweet Freckles. I love her cute basket.