Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Like Old Stuff...

Nope, this isn't a post about our move or our new place yet. We burned out pretty hard this last week from the moving and excitement. Freckles ended up getting sick this last week....So following suit is of course me and Mr. Darling. We are slowly getting somewhere with our stuff...Good thing is the kitchen is all unpacked. Other rooms will follow. So....I decided to share some goodies we found thrifting, before the move here. You know how much I like old stuff...Before our big move my family was having a garage sale, there lying on a table was my Grandpa's little Kodak Instamatic and his Polaroid, of course we had to save them from someone buying it for a buck. Freckles wants to get some film for it...She is now even displaying her Great Grandpa's cameras in her room on a shelf. Awwww, so sweet. You can still buy film for them too...So I was thinking when she goes on her Summer Camp trip, I'll get some film for her to take pictures with it.

Okay, so off we go to the thrift shops...I found this darling pull doggy, which reminded me of my childhood. Fisher Price toys are timeless. And, yes I was singing down the isles as I clutched him close, "How much is that doggy in the window" Soon I will show you our craft/guest bedroom/school room where this doggy resides with his other pals.

Sorry for the blurry pictures...I took some of these with my phone. Next up...Another little doggy made it in my bag along with some sweet yellow dessert dishes and a colorful tea tin.
One of the best bargains was finding another vintage typewriter for Freckles. This darling blue electric typewriter was 75% off the day we went in...So for $8.00.....I couldn't pass it up and it works wonderfully. Ever since she got her yellow typewriter for her birthday last year, she has been writing almost non stop every day with it...She is in the middle of writing a series of books. Shes so cool. Will share more on that another time.

I found this sweet Grannie square Ghanny...All pretty and pastel..this perhaps may be
 one I will part with in  my shop in the near future.

MMMMMM. I also found vintage sheets. Some will be used as our bedding and some will be for projects. I got more, which isn't pictured here. Can't wait to start sewing again.

I couldn't pass up these beautiful Pyrex and Fire King dishes. Yes, I am one of those suckers who love Pyrex...Especially the ones I can afford. They finally have a nice home in a hutch I refinished the other day. Will share pictures soon. Some of you may have seen it on my Instagram account: Check my Instagram/ user name is Junquemama if you want to follow along.

Lastly I found this sweetie for just a few dollars in a Thrift Shop here in San Jose...The weekend we came up to visit, before we moved...i had to scope out some of the Thrift shops I would be frequenting. I love this vintage German Irmi Child/Nursery lamp, it's brilliant colors are perfect for my sewing table. I just have to get it a lampshade.

I love the characters on it....Especially this cow. 
Well, that's it for now. I hope to show you our new digs soon.
 So come on back I will be doing some canning even this week...
We were blessed with some fruit trees. Yay.

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