Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bright Sun Shiny Day Thrift Store Finds.....

Freckles and I went on one of our thrifting excursions earlier this week. We were thrilled to find a whole big stack of books for her library...She is collecting a lot of good books as well as classic reads. As she was picking out books, I did my normal run through the isles I focus on. I was thrilled to find a whole set of Melamine Mar-Crest Melmac cups/saucers and a sugar bowl/creamer in lovely Buttery Yellow from the 40's-50's. They will be perfect for our picnics and perhaps some tea parties...All for just $6.

Another sweet find were these adorable ceramic place holders for names and flowers. I thought they would be perfect for a dinner party of 6 or even that tea party we will have when using the dishes we just got. Yeah.... I love the happy colors....right up my alley. Final cost $2.

Then I found these darling little juice glasses with butterflies.
 Perfect in every way. So far I was hitting the jack pot...$5 for all.

The last treasure I couldn't pass up were these two bath towels. These vintage sweeties are in awesome condition, as if they were hardly ever used. I don't mind the mixed matched they came home with me. It was a bright sun shiny day...
And I didn't even break the bank. $4 for both.
 Now I have to go through stuff I don't want and donate it. I told myself if I ever come home with new stuff, then something old that I don't need or use will be donated.
 Then I won't end up a pack rat. It really helps.
Cheers to a great weekend.


  1. love those cups and saucers.. the color is so cheerful. glad youre having fun getting back into the swing of decorating and playing in your own nest!
    have a joy filled weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness, such wonderful finds! The yellow dishes, adorable. I would not have been able to resist them either. Enjoy.
    blessings to you.

  3. that is one awesome set of dishes. LOVE that yellow! and i need to follow your rule about getting rid of something whenever i bring something new home!

  4. So fun to check in with you here. Your treasures here inspire me. Now off to the garage to put some of mine in a Goodwill box. Love you!