Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hello July...

Hello July.
You came with a bang...with a heat wave that is almost unbearable. We look forward to this month. We will celebrate Independence Day, visit the library often, have picnics in the park, play in the sprinkler, enjoy a baseball game, get to know our new friends, and soak up family life. 

We are adding the final touches to our new home with little pieces of art, some new textiles for the table, our new couch...eeep, and other little details that make it homey and cozy for us. We were blessed by a neighbor dropping over with a big box of cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood...So sweet. We received a lovely house warming card filled with encouragement from my Dad and Mom in Washington....It was such a pleasant surprise that really lifted up our day. I also received a bouquet of flowers from Mr. Darling and Freckles, for no reason other than just because they love me. We even got the sweetest note from our son expressing his love for us and that he missed us and how he thinks we are the best parents ever....
These are the little things that mean so much.
 Especially during times of sorrow and despair...Last week I mentioned our little Great Nephew was in the hospital...Well, I am sad to write, that he passed away yesterday. There is a lump in my throat and an aching heart for our Niece, her husband and our Great Niece as they suffer this great loss of there precious baby boy. I could not imagine losing my children as long as I am alive. My heart goes out to them as I wish with all my soul we could be there to comfort them. Unfortunately we are unable to make a trip there at this time. I pray mostly that they will seek our Heavenly Father to bring them peace and comfort as well as
 assurance that their baby boy is in
 the arms of our Loving, Merciful Savior. 
He will be greatly missed by our family
 and never will he be forgotten. 

I hope to show you a little home tour soon. Just a few more things I need to finish before I share. Like sewing our chairs cushion using this fabulous 1930'3~ 1940's quilt top. I have to finish up my dining chairs and hang a couple more things...Then we'll be up and running.

Okay July...Don't you slip away to fast...
We hope to enjoy the Summer while we can.
Hope you all are having a great Summer so far.

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  1. I love how you set up your new place. So sorry to hear about the death of your great nephew. So sad :(

    Sandy xox