Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Changed My Mind...

It was only a couple days after we bought the red Ektorp couch from Ikea, when I started questioning the purchase. Number one was the flimsy frame you have to put together, then the way the cushions were packed in between the bars of the couch, leaving a huge indention in each one. After putting the red cover on the cushions, they appeared sloppy, all from that crease in the cushion...Which never worked itself out....Not very nice when you just spent hundreds of dollars. Then I started second guessing myself about the red covers...Don't get me wrong, I love red...But, I started thinking, this is not just something you can get a spot out of without washing it and what if the red runs and then it will really look worn and sloppy. I was determined to give the couch a try. I gave it two months as I started haunting Craig's List. I told myself if I found a couch that I loved and it would fit into our kind of style I would get it...If I didn't find one by the time my 90 days were up with the Ikea couch, that I would deal with it and keep it. So, several weeks of looking, I ran into a listing for a couch, right up my alley...Vintage with a tufted back.

I had to finagle my friends to help me out with getting the Ikea couch back to the store one day and on another day, a friend took me down to look at the couch I saw online. We were pleasantly surprised with the great vintage condition of it. It had belonged to an elderly couple who undoubtedly took wonderful care of it. No rips, no stains... Just a little dusty. Which a good vacuum could take care of. It was perfect, I could easily shampoo it when needed and no worries with creasing cushions and sloppy covers. Well, this beauty is a bit longer than the Ikea couch, which is awesome and well built, the thing weighs a ton as the cushions are really heavy too. Geesh, they don't make em like they used to, unless you pay a fortune for a well made piece. I was able to talk the lady down a bit as well, which I preformed a happy dance in my mind. I got this couch for the fraction of the
 cost I spent at Ikea which I am so thrilled about. 

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. I am happy I got my money back and I got something I really loved. I am glad I changed my mind in time...I would have been pretty down if I was stuck with something I didn't truly love. Don't you think it looks way better than the Ikea couch did? 
It is so much more me.... I just have to thank my wonderful Mr. Darling for putting up with my indecisiveness. He is so great about it all. He said as long as I don't change my mind again. He doesn't want a new couch every two months. I agreed to the terms. ;)

Now to add some cute pillows to it. I am just loving our new place.
 I feel so at home and so happy with all the bright colors. It's all coming together.
Now onto school preparations. 


  1. Vintage is always better :) Love your beautiful sofa....blessings

  2. This is almost exactly like the couch my grandmother had! It was always my favorite to sleep on!

  3. So right. They don't make them like they useter! Good for you!!