Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Carmel By The Sea & Pacific Grove & Monterey Bay


Our family was blessed to spend the day with some new friends over the weekend. They offered to show us around a bit, since we have moved to the Bay area, we have not ventured out too much, too to Mr. Darling working. We took the day off...and drove up the coast...We stopped at a couple view points to snap some pictures o the beautiful scenery and our family as well. 

Then we stopped to see Carmel Beach...It was beautiful. The sand was soft and white, the water pure blue and the trees on the beach were whimsical. We spent a good hour just taking it all in.

After the beach we went to a park for some refreshment, fellowship and food.
Then walked through some of the shops. 

After that we went through Monterey Bay and Pacific Grove,
where we spent some time hanging out by the water.


A huge highlight of the day was spending over an hour watching all the birds,
 the Nettle Jellyfish and the loud barking Sea Lions. It was quite entertaining.


After hours of driving around, we had  dinner and headed home.
 It was a great day getting to know our surroundings and new friends.
It was a perfect close to Summertime.


  1. Another family who loves the camera and the camera loves them! Your pics are always such a treat! Glad you are having a good time and making connections there. xoxox

  2. Looks like you had fun and it is so good to see Tony look so relaxed.
    I am so happy for you now that you are settled in a brand new beautiful community with new friends .
    Love you guys

  3. Wow...I had a great time seeing all your pictures...they are wonderful. Those little boys are very cute :) Looks like it was a great time for all of you...how fun....blessings