Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Pyrex

I've been collecting Pyrex now for several years. It's not a big collection by any means... It's been a slow process since I will only buy if I happen upon them in thrift shops or garage sales, antique shops or gifted. I have not bought any pieces online as of yet, since they are so pricey. I have seen some at great prices, but then the shipping is outrageous and I just can't see myself buying one bowl for over $20 bucks. So I'll stick to buying them as I have...Most of the bowls have been pretty darn cheap too. I'm so happy I have a place to showcase them too. The sweet hutch I bought about 8 years ago through Craig's list...It sat in my garage for many moons, until now, I painted it and have a great place in my dining room for it. I get to enjoy it all, everyday...filled with happy colors...Makes me smile.

If you want to start a collection yourself.....Start raiding your thrift store shelves. You may just find a piece here and there. Oh and never wash your Pyrex in a dishwasher. They will last a long long time if you wash them by hand. I learned the hard way on one colored bowl...It lost its shine and the color started to fade away. So sad.

I have bought some pieces that are well worn and washed the wrong way....One reason...They are really just great bowls for mixing and storing. I don't mind too much. But, I do love me the printed colorful bowls. They are so fun. I love mixing all the colors and patterns in one space. It's art.

I love them enough to use them, they don't just sit there for looks. They were made to use.
Pretty enough for art yet basic enough to use in everyday cooking, baking & serving...

I will on the other hand need more places to display
 them as my collection may grow.
Oh what's a girl to do?


  1. I snagged my mom's Pyrex when she died earlier this year..not much but it reminds me of when we did cookies together!!

    I hope Fall comes soon...it's hot here!! Take care

  2. Love, love, love your pyrex display!
    Of course, the winky cups are adorable too!
    I just found a winky creamer & sugar set for 1.00 at a garage sale, I was so excited!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection with us!


  3. i adore vintage pyrex too. :) i was given my grandmother's set when she passed away. love, love, love them! :)

  4. I got a few pieces I see in your collection. I especially like the amish print ones. Got one of the big mixing bowls in it from my mama :) I love the way you have yours displayed...very nice...blessings

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