Thursday, August 29, 2013


I finally sat down in the sewing room to make something. It has been months since I created anything at all. (with exception to Freckles birthday gifts) And it felt good to make again. She is a work in progress, but just about finished. I have more Hallows Eve creations swirling around in my head...To get them out....I will certainly try. Our home school year begins next week too....So a lot of my time will be devoted to educating my daughter. With good intentions, I will work on making more.

I am really happy with how this pumkin gal turned out. There are several different things going on with paint, sewing, hand stitching, using wool, felt wool, vintage fabrics, old buttons and cotton fabrics...Let's just say there was a lot of love put into her. She is fun, festive and sweet all wrapped in one. Can you believe Autumn is just around the corner? Whew, this Summer flew by. Okay, okay....Back to work.

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