Friday, September 27, 2013

Adding Color

We are almost at 4 months in this house. I can't believe time has passed before our eyes. We are very much enjoying our own space. It brings me joy to awaken with God's promises to me every day, my family and to a bright cheerful home in decor. When we moved here I hung some of my cake/bundt pans in the corner of the dining room for a nice splash of color and whimsy. Why hide them in the cupboards when they make nice colorful pieces of art?

My recent thrift find was this red, worn bundt pan. I liked that it was different in form compared to the other bundts I have. I realized I actually have a collection of pans that were not necessarily meant to be a collection. it sort of happened. Then I realized I would need at least a blue one to complete the primary colors. It's funny how collections sort of happen.

One of my personal favorites is the yellow pineapple upside down cake pan. I have used it before....It just makes baking pineapple upside down cakes all the more fun to make and eat.
I also put up a new quote on the chalkboard.
It was just the inspiration I need right now...
To work on making some of my dreams real.

Here's to a great weekend ahead.
Hope all is well with you.


  1. love your colorful pans mica! yes, you do need a blue one. at Easter time, target has pink and blue bundt pans... well at least they have in the past. Im glad youre happy and enjoying your new home and I hope youre feeling better.

  2. Those little collections just happen in my home as well :) Love your colorful cake pans...blessings

  3. Hi there! I'm over from Simply Shelley's!

    I didn't know they made colored cake pans but those look wonderfully happy!

    I have some vintage jello molds that I thought I might spray paint in happy colors and now you've convinced me! :)

  4. I came over from Shelley's to say hi. I like your colorful pans hanging as a display, very cheerful.