Saturday, September 7, 2013

Curb Side Treasures and A Thrift find...


I have been known to pick up other peoples discarded trash from the curb...But only the good stuff. Years ago I had found a sweet potting bench which I used for several years, until I left it behind before moving here. The weather and rain eventually rotted it out, so it wasn't worth moving. I always keep my out out for curbside goodies. Most of the time though, the stuff is eh...Until the other morning, Freckles and I were coming home from an errand...There it was..This cupboard and a dresser. The dresser needs some help...I think I can make it cute...But this cupboard was ready to come inside. I like it just how it is. Old and chippy. The color is alright...Maybe someday it will get a coat of new color....that's if my son doesn't end up with it. He saw the picture I posted on Instagram and said, he wanted it.

I told him, maybe someday when he is married and has a home to put it in. For now I am going to enjoy it. I didn't know quite what I wanted to store inside it though. It appeared to be used as a tool cupboard, which held nuts, bolts and nails....I decided...I would put some of our games in it. It works.... I hung this sweet pillow flower on the door from our friends from church.

Then I added a little bit of fun and some color on top...Voila...

Okay, now on a separate occasion as Freckles and I were scouring the local thrift shops, I came upon this chair. I agonized over weather I should haul it home or not. I walked through the store contemplating it. I couldn't get it out of my head. It was red, crushed velvet and in wonderful condition....Not to mention a decent price. So, I called Mr. Darling...He ok'ed the purchase...And so the story goes...I brought it home and love it. It looks quite nice with our new vintage couch we found on Craig's list a couple weeks ago.

I'm thrilled with it. Now we are ready to have guests in our home.
 Plenty of seating, fellowship and we will even feed them.
Happy weekend....