Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Freckles Home School Year 2013~2014

It's that time of year again...Getting back to the books, studying and building character. This last year was kind of a messy season in our life, and Freckles missed a lot of school due to unforeseen circumstances. There was a lot of stress and change going on in our home, along with our son moving away, not having a place to call home for 6 months and a move just before Summer...We just kinda put things on the back burner. We decided since we had missed so much that we would pull her back a little to catch up on some things we missed. That is the forgiving and beautiful thing about homeschooling...You can work at your own pace. She will be able to catch up in no time at all. The thing is she will be right where she is supposed to be...Not a grade or going by anybody else's standard.

This year we are very excited to have met a delightful family from church...Whom is like minded in the very things we believe our family to be, with faith, family dynamics and the way we raise and teach our children. This particular family has opened the doors to an Ambleside Home school group...(Charlotte Mason) which we have dabbled in throughout the years. Freckles will be involved in their Performing Arts program as well, studying Shakespeare, recitation and music/solfege.
We will also be doing the Ambleside curricula this year with a couple of
my own lessons in which I have tailored in for a full, enriching education.

We pray the Lord will bless our school year, as He grows us in character and in faith in Him. We pray that Freckles will learn and will glean from her lessons in life, that she will gain confidence in herself and grow meaningful/like minded Christian relationships with people that will only lift her up as well as accept her for who she is. We are looking forward to a great year ahead.

More to come...
Have a great week...


  1. What a great back-to-school photo shoot!
    May the Lord bless this homeschool year for your family.
    We will begin our homeschooling next week, still waiting on some books! ;D


  2. That last picture? Especially gorgeous! I just love the joy in her face. I just posted on some vintage school things I've picked up and...should I say this....well, yours is so much cuter than mine!

  3. Happy back to (home) School! :) I love the way you decorated your new place!

    Sandy xox