Monday, September 16, 2013

Vintage Eye Candy

Over the weekend we ventured out to a couple little old towns in our area. It was a nice day just walking down the streets, window shopping and rummaging through a couple shops and the nice little lunch we had in a pizzeria. I was a little disappointed that there weren't more antique shops. The ones they had were more high end beautiful pieces that most people couldn't afford mixed with new boutique or French wanna be stuff. It was good enough to look through. 

There was one shop in particular that caught our eye...A Vintage retro type shop with goodies and vintage eye candy from the 20's - 70's. My favorite of course is the 30's-50's. There were old tellies, furniture, clothing, kitschy stuff, aprons, dresses, shoes, men's suits, and more....

I will definitely go back to this one. It is definitely a new fave. Other than that shop, the rest was a disappointment. I am not really into the high end shops or art galleries...I like thrift shops and antique shops where you feel like the hunt is on for a great affordable deal and you walk away feeling like you got a treasure. I have found though going through the several different towns it is like that...Just your run of the mill boutiques, high end, restaurants and art galleries. And many of the thrift shops to be honest are kinda junky or way too overpriced. I wonder how they're vintage flea markets are around here.
Will have to investigate.

Then there is the bookstores. We have found only one that has some old decent stuff in it. Other than that they are again the run of the mill new books or trash books. Now don't think me, ungrateful. I am not...Just observations of my surroundings a bit. and quite taken back by the sort of shops that are around. Makes me miss where we used to be....The thrift shops were awesome and you could find antiques shops with fun stuff inside as well as a couple really good vintage flea markets. Perhaps they are around somewhere...I will have to keep searching. No matter, my little family still had fun together. I am always up for window shopping.


  1. Wow!! This post is incredible.
    Thanks for letting me tag along.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Wish I had of been along to see that shop...very neat...., but thank you for the peek....blessings