Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Pan Collar and Felt Flower Brooch

Every once in a while I will actually try things that I have pinned on Pinterest. As many of of you know my daughter Freckles and I have been doing a study of the 1940's era. I had started a Pinterest board with some inspirations and thought I would give a couple things a try. One started with my love for Peter pan collars on vintage clothing. So adorable. As a doll maker I have put many Peter pan collars on my characters, so i thought, heck why not make myself one. I am not too old for that...Am I?
I found a pattern for a collar here and sewed it in less than an hour. Note the pattern says fur collar on it...It doesn't have to be fur...You can use cotton just as I did.

The felt flower brooch was inspired by the 1940's as well. There is plenty of inspiration on felt flowers throughout Pinterest. I did not follow a pattern for the brooch I made however. I was inspired by what I saw on the boards and just winged it as best as I could. I wanted it to match the collar. And quite pleased that it complimented each other very well.

I even put my hair up, which I have not done in years. I will definitely be making more colors and brooches to coordinate with other outfits. I even got some sweet compliments from several ladies at church. I was humbled.

I will also be teaching Freckles how to make the felt flower brooch soon.
 Happy pinning to you.
 Hope you find some inspiration there on Pinterest.
I have a little goal to actually trying out the pins I pin.
Heck, why not.
Have a great week ahead.


  1. love the pictures of you!! and the collar and the pin are just stinking cute as heck!
    have a great day my oh so very creative friend!

  2. Adorable! ;D
    I try my best to try to do the pins that I pin, but there are so many cute ideas out there and so little time! ;D


  3. Very cute...I have always loved Peter Pan collars,and yours looks lovely :) Blessings

  4. Both are so beautiful and sweet! I have been wanting to make a Peter Pan collar and felt brooch! So thanks for the inspiration! Have a lovely week!