Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Finds

I had the morning all to myself. I dropped off Freckles for her Performing Arts class and went to some Thrift Shops... I didn't find anything huge, just some little things, a few of the items reminded me of my childhood.

An Ideal dolly made in 1971...
Can't believe she is a year older than me. ha ha. I feel old.

An old iron that doesn't work, I got it cheap enough to
use as display only in my sewing room.

a couple little cook booklets. One from the 50's...
 Maybe I will try out a couple recipes sometime, just for fun.

A little wooden truck...Perfect for my colorful living room...Perhaps someone will come over and want to play with it. I share my toys. Kids are always welcome to play at my house.

A little Raggedy Annie, I couldn't resist.
 She is about 4 inches tall of sweetness.

One of my favorite finds is actually this Christmas mug. I don't know why, I just like it a lot....Can't wait to have some hot yummy in it this Christmas time.

Lastly this darling, colorful patchy printed blankie...Probably from the 70's...
 It's filled with happy colors and happy things, it made me smile, so I brought it home.
How about you, have you scored any fun goodies lately???