Monday, October 7, 2013

Autumn In The Air...

Well, not really in the air around here. We are experiencing, what I hope is an end to an Indian Summer. Yet, we do have some cooler evenings, which have been nice. I am finally putting out a few Autumn decorations. I don't really do too much as far as Fall decor... I also like to keep it with some happy colors....So I've been making some happy color stuffed pumpkins to put around the house. I get really into the holiday decorating when Christmas comes around. I have what seems to be hundreds of boxes filled with Christmas stuff, compared to one box of Autumn decor. I must say though, I am really lovin' these colorful pumpkins. 

If your interested in making some stuffed pumpkins for yourself...
I found the tutorial here: 
I just made them in different sizes...Easy to do in just minutes.
Happy Making.

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