Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vintage Goodies...

The past several months I have made frequent stops through my local thrift shops, a couple things were picked up while we were in Washington and a few things from a Flea Market we went to over the weekend. Thought I'd share some of the goodies we got, since I haven't shared my finds lately. I was thrilled to find these little 1950's wooden, painted salt and pepper shakers. I have a set of larger ones...But just had to bring these little ones home. They are smaller than they look in the picture, standing at about 2 1/2 inches tall.

I fell in love with this old movie film tin that someone
 painted in a lovely red and green with added cherry decal. 

Of course I brought home a few old children's books. I know I don't have any little kids anymore, but I just adore vintage children's books.... It will be saved for future grand babies, I pray.

A FROG...Every needs a frog. Great for holding pens or as a paper weight, or even what they were intended for of course. Mine just sits on my dresser in the living room. I love that someone painted it, as it has chipped away over the years.

Oh yes...Games. I love the look of old game boxes and the games itself are fun. And of course we play them. Another collection that future grand babies will get to play while visiting.

Christmas...I am already starting this years collecting of vintage Christmas decor....Most of the shops I go into are already putting out their Christmas items. I will pick them up for pennies. Christmas by far is my favorite time of year...Over the years I have found some really cute vintage/retro goodies. I can't wait to celebrate this year.

Another thing I tend to be drawn to, is aprons, linens and embroidered things. Puts a smile on my face. Especially if there is a face smiling back at me. This little pot holder even had Freckles. ;)

Pyrex. If it's priced right...I will get it. I picked up a nice yellow casserole dish and a red casserole bowl with a sweet gold print (Christmas perhaps?). It was a little worn. But the price was good enough, not to pass it up.

Jello molds and tart tins...Always nice to have in your kitchen.
I usually bake with them or use them in crafty projects.

Lastly, we found this 1956 Chutes and Ladders game. Bold, colorful and so cute,
it had to be added to my game collection. What kind of things do you like buying and collecting?
Do tell....
Hope you all are having a great weekend.

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  1. OH my gosh, I have that same VINTAGE Christmas tablecloth! How fun. So many cool vintage things. Seeing those games gave me an idea for my sequel to Thanks for the inspiration!