Thursday, November 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home Of Lori Holt...

I am honored to feature Lori Holt's Home Sweet Home...Her sweet, colorful blog called
  Bee In My Bonnet 
is where you will find her works and tutorials. She is The Queen Bee of Quilting.... She lives in a beautiful cottage where her and her family calls home sweet home. She has been one of my favorite reads in the blog world for many years. A creative lady, talented in making the most beautiful quilts you have ever set your eyes upon. She is definitely one of my fave quilters of all. Not only does she sew these beautiful pieces of artwork, she also designs them. It is known, if you know her from her blog that her daughter also helps pull some of these quilts together and has helped in designing as well. Lori comes from a long line of quilters, so naturally she would follow in their footsteps and keep the art of quilting alive in her family. The photo above shows Lori at the kitchen table in her home when she was a wee girl. What a cute photo to have and cherish. Now onto her tour... Be prepared for some wonderful eye delights and prepare to drool, you are in for a huge treat. Her style is very happy, full of color with a quilt literally in every nook and cranny of her home as well as lovely touches of vintage yummies. Be prepared to be delighted.


Her front entry and her living room is the sweetest. The vibrant color screams happiness. You can tell that she has a love for her home in the way she displays everything. It is so cozy, anyone would be happy to spend their days there. I would. Also, knowing that she is a faithful Christian shines through in the way she makes her home beautiful. If you get a chance to follow along on her blog you will find that she is also on Youtube where she share tid bits of her quilts, tutorials and tours of her sewing room. She is a doll.


Every corner, every wall, every detail is truly the sweetest thing. Her color choices in palette, reflect her home, her quilts and herself. I am always captivated by her style and her work.

The kitchen. Oh how darling it is. Colorful furnishings, pottery, bowls, vintage pieces and nick knacks adorn her space. Look closer and you will see she has made table runners,
 hot pads and quilts for this space as well.

Now onto her daughters room. Oh my. This is the perfect space for a growing young lady. Everything they have done in designing this room with the color scheme and yes, even quilts are genius. It is perfectly feminine with a bit of fancy.

Her newest projects were making this mod podged fabric guitar and the guitar quilt using one of her very own Gracie Girl fabric lines. Oh yes, she has her own fabric line which you can also find a link on her blog side bar to purchase the fabrics you have seen throughout the pictures of her quilts.


Lori also has quite the perfect Sewing/quilting room of her own. Oh my....Her shelves are filled with baskets of her fabrics, a collection of old irons and other little vintagy doo dads as well as an array collection of vintage sewing machines...Lot's of magazines and books...Surely filled with quilty goodness and did you notice how very beautifully organized this place is? This lady has some great organization skills and has shared some of those things on her blog, such as storing those scraps. Notice also, the color scheme stays true to the rest of her home. I love that about her.

So, many of these quilts you have seen...Lori has tutorials for many of them as well as patterns for other fun stuff, like aprons, hot pads and table runners etc... You can find the links on her side bar for purchase. Her tutorials are throughout the blog as well as Youtube videos of tutorial episodes. Lastly I must mention... Her newest book has recently hit the shelves. The colorful book called Quilty Fun features many of her quilts you see here or on her blog and has directions in scrappy patchwork lessons. This book is on my list to buy...I just haven't had the spare change to get it right now... 

I told you her home is wonderful. It was so fun that she has allowed me to feature her here in my Home Sweet Home Series. Please buzz in and say hello, follow her blog to keep updated on her quilty goodness. You can also find her on other social networks such as Instagram or follow her on Pinterest to see what she's pinnin".... You won't be sorry. She is a delightful gal. Thanks Lori...It was a pleasure to feature you and your gorgeous home and wonderful quilts.
*Note all photos solely belong to Lori Holt and have been used by her permission. You may link to her blog for more photos of her home and work. Thank you for buzzing by.


  1. Love all the bright colors and vintage goodies in her home!


  2. A gorgeous and inspiring home Lori has!! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

  3. Oh those gorgeous quilts. She truly is a master of cheerful color. Thank you so much for this visual treat.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!