Monday, November 25, 2013

Granny Homestyle

One thing I have fallen in love with over the years is Granny style goodness. You know...The doilies, the artwork and those beautiful granny square afghans you spot here and there. I have been fortunate enough to find many Granny Ghannys, some I have kept for myself and others I have sold in my Etsy shop. Lately I have run into them hanging on the racks of thrift shops all the time. Sometimes I will pass them up because of the high price tag some shoppes want for them...Which is ridiculous. But then there are times I just pass them up all together. Then there are the times I run into the nicest looking ones, and I can't pass them up because  the price is marked just right for my pocketbook. Just as the other day...I was strolling through the Thrift Shop with Freckles and we spotted a Granny Ghanny that would match her room perfectly. It's a beauty....Freckles asked if I would please, please, please get it for her room. Of course I said yes to this one. The colors are perfect...Filled with robins egg blue, yellow, cream, orange and some brown. Perfectly perfect for Freckle's room. Then I found a happy, bright one for me...I couldn't pass bright and cheery colors up. I also found a red afghan...Not Granny square, but colorful

The same shopping trip, I found another orphaned salt shaker. Cute as can be and smiling up at me, telling me to bring it home. I picked up a couple old tin pie pans, tin measuring spoons and cupcake pan....Along with a couple cheery sunshine yellow Tupperware canisters. I remember seeing these when I was a kid.

So, we left with a nice bag full of Granny Goodies for our home. Freckles is thrilled with her Granny Ghanny, which does look great in her room, just as we though it would. We'll take some pictures of her room soon...So you can see just how cute it really is.

I really do love the Granny look...
Especially the cheerful Granny elements from a Granny's cottage of yesteryear~ but with a modern Granny Chic twist. You can even find a lot of Granny inspiration on Pinterest if you like the look and want the vintage Granny look for yourself. Start checking your local thrift shops
 for great vintage treasures and bargains to get you started.
Happy Granny Shopping


  1. Love the blankets! I always look, but have yet to find any cute ones at our local thrift stores.


  2. Love the Tupperware! I have a 4 canister set in bright green I got $3 at an estate sale. I use them for my scraps and selvages.

  3. Yep,I have that granny look down packed in my home :) I am a granny after all. I love y'alls finds....I spent most of my day yesterday crocheting....I love it. Blessings you sweet girls...have a very wonderful Thanksgiving.