Thursday, November 14, 2013

Karen From Whimsy Antiques~ Home Sweet Home Tour

There are a few people from my Instagram friends, I asked to do a Home Sweet Home Tour. Yay! It's so fun to see inside someones home and see how they live and decorate. At least I think it is.
 I'd like you to meet Karen from 
You can see them on their blog or visit their shop in Carpenteria, California.
 Or follow her on Instagram (whimsyantiques)
Welcome to the inside of her home. This is her entry way. 
I love her CAKE letters and the fun vintage goodies
 and collections she has throughout her home.


The vintage game pieces above the we love cake block represent her family.
 How cute is that?

And that huge, roomy chair covered with jeans...Love it.
The fire place mantle is filled with all kinds of colorful wooden pieces and the fireplace screen was made from a re~purposed bed frame. Very cleaver.

She has some fun Folk art pieces as well. Like the big boot above her couch or the cow windmill thingy below on a corner hutch filled with more colorful collections.

She hangs her favorite vintage pieces around her home and has a passion for chippy child chairs.
 She said she has them everywhere.

I wonder how often she has to dust all those collections. I personally love her hutch above filled with goodness as well as her pie bird collection.

She has eye candy everywhere. Every nook and cranny has
 some sort of collections and little figurines... Even a collection of watering cans.


Her bedroom is a happy place filled with sweet, bright, cheery happy collections on every surface.
That's my kind of gal. Her home is like walking through a shop.

Speaking of shops...She has one....I have not visited there yet, but the next time I am in the Santa Barbara area. Her shop is filled to the hilt with vintage and antique home and garden goodness.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Please do stop by her blog, Instagram or her shop if your ever in her area. I hope to meet her myself, one day. Thank you to Karen for opening her home to us.


  1. Thanks for sharing Mica....such a fun home indeed....blessings

  2. This got me thinking about the toys that I have since childhood and the vintage books that I had when I was in middle school... I believe I could come up similar ideas or close enough like yours... Thanks for sharing...