Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thankful Garland


I worked in the sewing room this week and actually pulled out some crafty stuff to work on. One thing on my to do list was this Thankful garland. I used green burlap and painted Thankful on it, then cut up a vintage sheet to make garland for each side....Hung it up in my dining room with my Pilgrims. I made those in MOPS 19 years ago. WOW...Did I just say that right? YUP, 19 years ago when my boy was just a baby. whew....Time sure does fly by in a flash.

We are also enjoying the Autumn air...Finally. I am so loving all the leaves falling from the trees. I'm going to leave them in my yard for a while before raking them up, because they are so pretty lying on the ground. I even had sun walking through them. Loving the crunch beneath my feet...
Hope y'all are enjoying your week.

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