Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vanessa's Home Sweet Home

I am posting this home sweet home tour a bit earlier this week, since Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Things get busy and everyone is planning time with their families and loved ones or friends. Welcome inside the home of a new friend of mine through Intagram. She also has a blog called
I Choose Joy
Vanessa, her husband and her son live in this home sweet home which she fills
with vintage thrift shop treasures. In a blog post she stated this:
"I am proud to say that 97% of the stuff you will see around my house is from the thrift stores or I may had found on the street and "rescued" from the garbage truck. You won't see me at the mall much because I would rather go thrifting and find old-vintage stuff. It may look like trash and out dated to you but, for me it's priceless". 

Her decor has a nice Granny Chic feel to it. With her velvet, floral chairs, the Granny Ghanny afghans, stitchery, the old suitcases in a happy array of rainbow colors, and little details and accents throughout.  personally love it very much, I too have a love for many of the things she collects.

As you go into her kitchen you will find all kinds of vintage goodies. From the mushroom curtains, the old tins that hold sugar and flour, glassware, old cookbooks, a bit of Pyrex, aprons and containers
for everything imaginable.

Her bed is layered with vintage sheets, blankets and a Granny Ghanny. Don't you love the old window hanging there with happy bunting?

She has also made a little space of her own, where she makes.
 A perfect little spot for creating.

I hope you enjoyed visiting Vanessa.
I want to give a special Thank you for allowing me to share her home with you. 
It was a pleasure to see all her sweet treasures.

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  1. Such a sweet home! Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving! xo Heather