Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas

It crept in like a flash. I don't know exactly where the month has gone. But Christmas is indeed already here. And tomorrow it will be over, as the following week will ring in a new year. This last year was indeed a whirl wind..... I am really looking forward to the new year ahead, when we can really focus on our calling here. For now, for today, I will stick to today. Our family will reflect on the greatest gift of all. An indescribable gift which God bestowed on believers. The birth of His Son, who came to us in incarnate flesh. He came as a Savior. He died for His people. What a gift indeed. We celebrate with thanksgiving and awe for what He has done.
 The greatest gift of all.
Jesus Christ.

As we reflect and sing praises in His name. We also enjoy our time together with some gifts. This year was yet again a small Christmas. Our son is away for the first time. I must confess it has been very hard to swallow. Freckles broke down in tears before she opened her gifts as she realized her brother was not here to enjoy the moment as we tore through the wrapping paper. We consoled her and continued on our morning, making every effort to make it just as magical and special for her. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast and spent some time looking through the things she received. Oh I forgot to tell you we moved Christmas to a day earlier since we had an
early Christmas breakfast we were attending.

I thought I would share a few of the things I spent hours working over before the big day. She and I designed a book bag on paper and chose fabrics together, then I sat down in the sewing room and went at it. It turned out a little bigger than anticipated, yet she thought that was just fine The fabrics we chose were fitting for my reader/writer. She reallllly loved it.

I also made a zippered pouch with some of the fabric we chose. I added a fabric flower and black reading glasses as the pull. I filled it with a couple notepads...Another hit. I  am on the roll. ha ha

Her big gift this year was this large painting I worked on for her. It represents her... in her hand she holds a stack of books, since she is an avid reader. There is also a box with a typewriter in it, since she also loves to write.... I also wrote a verse that was from The Book Thief movie.
 ( We took her to see the movie as a part of her Christmas gift )
She loved it so much. It made my heart sing. And it was hung immediately in her room. She kept going on and on about how much she loved it and it was so her and the colors were perfect and it was so cute. I swear the best gifts are handmade. It will be something she will appreciate and possibly keep for years to come. It was a very Merry Christmas.
I pray you too had a blessed Christmas with your family.
Merry Christmas to you.

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  1. Such wonderful gifts for freckles...glad you all had a wonderful day...blessings