Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kimberly ~Dear Daisy Cottage~Home Sweet Home Tour

Welcome to Kimberly's Home Sweet Home. Kimberly used to blog at
  Dear Daisy Cottage
Now she blogs at
Imagery By Kimberly

I am a long time reader of her blog. You may know her from her blogs or from the many magazines her home has been in. I love her sweet 1920's cottage, which her and her husband live in together with their beloved dogs, Maggie & Marley and Bently.
Come on in, Marley is waiting to bring you inside where Maggie awaits to show you around.


Oh, here's Maggie, waiting for us. Kimberly's home is ready for Christmas. You will love her home, filled with happy colors. It really is the small details that make Kimberly's home so special. She has a knack for putting vignettes together. Every corner is charming...
And screams home sweet home.
Note*  Some of the pictures here are current and some of from the past years.
 I wanted to give you a good glimpse into every beautiful room.

I love the old granny furniture, the old books and flower arrangements around her home. She has put so much love and attention into every nook and cranny of her home sweet home.

Kimberly has painted every possible piece of furniture she got her hands on. She is very bold to color her home with such brilliant, vibrant colors. Very rarely do you see that in everyday homes. I just adore how very bold she is. She is an inspiration

There's Bently....
He wants to take you through the rest of the rooms.
Not only are the colors a delightful statement, but the patterns, fabrics and collections are just as wonderful. Her home is creative and displayed with the sweetest touch.

Even the guest bathroom is just as lovely. It is quite sunny in there.
Absolutely gorgeous.

On to her bedroom and the guest bedroom.
  Small spaces, yet cozy. The perfect place to lay one's weary head. Again with the beautiful details of antiques and vintage charm. And if you knew her through her words on her blogs, you would know her home is very fitting indeed.

Now she settles in, preparing for
Christmas with her beautiful family. 

Goodbye Maggie girl, thank you for having us.
It was such a treat and a pleasure to get her permission
to share her home with you all. I really hope you enjoyed it.
Please do stop in and browse her blogs. She is a sweet soul.
Christmas is right around the corner.
 I hope to fit in one more home tour before then.
See you soon.


  1. Kimberly has a lovely home, I adore all the bright colors!


  2. That's what happened to her...I never knew :) Thanks Mica...cute cottage indeed...Christmas blessings