Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ashley's Home Sweet Home Tour

Hi I'm Ashley....
You know when most of your decor is rainbow colors you have a happy home ...... I literally collect everything .... From Afghans to Pyrex ..... I love everything retro and i firmly believe I was born in the wrong era ..... We live the hipster life happy and free ...... I want my kids to experience everything the way it used to be ..... My heart fills with joy whenever i thrift just the perfect treasure ......
 I hope my home makes you as happy as it makes me <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">


I met Ashley through Instagram. Yet another friend I have found that loves the same things as I do. You can see in her home that she loves vintage.... Thrift store finds fill her home with charm. A home sweet home for her and her family. You can follow Ashley on Instagram by searching under
Or follow her on Facebook under Addison Markley.
Enjoy the tour

I love all her Granny Afghans, embroideries and vintage furniture. She really is quite the collector. She would be fun to shop with. I fear we would probably go for the same things though. Ha ha. 



She's all ready for Christmas too. A sweet white Christmas tree and Christmas goodies. Twinkly lights glimmering on the windows. And that lamp... Ha ha. Gotta love that Christmas movie..
"A Christmas Story"

I love how she put bunting/pendants here and there.
 Oh and look...She collects Pyrex too.

And the collection of bundt pans. You see...We like the same things.
 Too bad she lives so far away.



She also collects vintage toys.
I bet her little girl plays with them. So cute.

Even her kitchen is filled with collections...
More Pyrex and milk glass vases, owls and more.

Every nook and cranny is filled with vintage treasures from our past, 
used and loved by her family. She has surely made a home sweet home. 
Thank you for stopping in today and touring her home.


  1. Such a neat and lovely home filled with so many treasures!! Love the bundt pans! Would have never thought to collect those! xo Heather

  2. How fun. Her home is adorable and that Pyrex. I'm drooling.

  3. I love these home tours! So much inspiration!!!