Sunday, April 6, 2014


Freckles and I went rummaging through a couple thrift shops last week. As always we have our route through the aisles. We always look at the books, then we look through all the knick knacks, then we head over to the linens and bedding. I saw her hanging there, her colors so vibrant and sweet, she called out to me...I hesitated. It was a finished quilt! Surely this shop would over price something so sweet as this darling patchwork quilt hanging there between substandard blankets. I thought.....Heck with it, I will look at the price in hopes it would be affordable but doubt that it was. I am not a big spender when it comes to things in thrift shops....I usually won't pay anymore than 10-15 dollars for an item that isn't furniture.

To my surprise...She was just the right price. I couldn't believe it really. She was perfect and just the right size. She isn't fancy, and that is fine with me. I like simple things. I snagged her up real quick. Immediately I pulled her off the hanger and placed her in my basket. Oh the price, you are probably wondering what I ended up spending for her. I can proudly say she was less than $10.

Everytime I run into quilts or afghans that have been made by someones hands, I just sigh. All the hours they spent lovingly putting them together, they sometimes end up in a thrift shop. Not even handed down to someone in their family. Just cast out with no care. I guess I am just a sentimental fool. I love to adopt things that have a story. A story I may never know, but I can imagine it. It does make me wonder about the person who made it, why she chose the fabrics she did. Did the fabrics come from something meaningful, and who was this quilt for? Was it loved and cherished?  What has this quilt been through? Perhaps it comforted someone when they were sick, cuddled when they were hurt or sad, held tight when they had a bad dream or placed on their bed with pride and joy just because it made them happy. Did it bring smiles when they walked into the room?..So many questions. It is a wonder to me. If only it could tell their story. I think it would be fascinating. Maybe it had a dull life and just sat around,
 but what if it had an adventurous life? I'd be curious to know. Wouldn't you?
Well we may never know. I am just glad I got to bring this colorful piece into my home. It will have quite the adventure living with us, I would hand it down to my daughter and she would have stories to tell.
Happy Weekend!


  1. What a great find! I love all the bright & colorful vintage fabric. I had a quilt on my bed when I was younger that my Mom made, it was a patchwork with scraps of fabric that had been used to make clothes over the years. :)

    Wishing you a lovely day!


  2. Oh happy day at the thrift shop :-) God knew you needed a pick me up.....he made sure it would be there and priced just right! I truly believe he does such things. He so knows our hearts.....hugs, Shelley