Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mrs. Meyer's Good Clean Deal

Last week I was scrolling through my Instagram and found a post someone wrote about this awesome deal through a company called ePantry. The gal left a couple promo codes to add to the order...The deal was to go to their site and give them 10 emails of people I thought might be interested in the product. For each email I entered I would get $10 buck towards my order. I gave them ten emails and put in my promo codes for extra discounts and free shipping plus I told them a joke for another discount. 
My mother load ended up being $10 out of pocket, worth of stuff in the end. So, I got 14 bottles of Mrs. Meyer's soaps and cleaners for a little over $1 each. The friends I sent emails to received an email to check out ePantry. Those who were interested ordered, giving me another $10 each towards my next order which I will get next month. My total out of pocket expense is $5 for 6 more bottles of my fave soaps. 

That my friends is a great deal. I ordered a ton of my favorite scent, Lemon Verbena. 
Next months order will have more geranium and lavender in it. This stuff is going to last a while in my home. I love that I am now stocked up on my favorite brand. Note* I was not paid by ePantry or Mrs. Meyer's to do this post. Just sharing my mother load frugal accomplishment with y'all!
If interested in this product check it out here at
Hope you can get a deal out of it too!


  1. Love this!!!! I want to do it!!!!

    Love you!

  2. Love this!!!! I want to do it!!!!

    Love you!