Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Weekend

This weekend we celebrated and gave thanks to God for the fallen soldiers who served and sacrificed their lives for this Country. We invited a very sweet couple we met through the church where Mr. Darling has been interning for this last year. Eva and Ed were the very first couple who graciously had us over for lunch to their home when we first visited San Jose before the internship started. Right away Eva and I clicked together. Her home is sweet and her handiwork in making quilts is delightful. She is very talented. That first night at their home she showed me her guest bedroom/sewing room and offered me two beautiful silver platter/trays that belonged to her mother who had just recently passed away.
 It was that day, we felt like we were family with them. 
They have been very encouraging, loving and supportive during our time here. I wanted to show them how we appreciate them and their warmth and generosity by making a nice dinner outdoors.

We decorated the backyard with tissue pom poms balls, paper lanterns, vintage style bunting, lights and vintage linens for the table. I planned out our menu and made everything from scratch, which took me all afternoon to prepare. It was well worth the labors. For dinner we made salmon patties with a honey raspberry vinaigrette glaze, a Spring mixed green salad with fresh peaches slathered with creamy poppy seed dressing, and a Summer tian, which was tomato, potato, zucchini, squash and onion topped with parmesan and baked to yummy perfection. It was all so fresh, and so good. Our guests enjoyed it.

We had nice conversation as the sun went down. After dinner we brought out a tray of tea assortments and a delicious homemade double chocolate zucchini bread with a hazelnut/vanilla spread to add  on top. It was wonderful and so moist. It was a hit!

After chatting and eating to our hearts content...
Because we deserved it after passing our 30 day challenge. 
We decided to bring our company inside...It was actually getting quite chilly and the darn mosquitos were coming out. We visited for another hour, until our guests left to turn in for the evening. It was a success. They loved every bit of the evening as did we.

Many blessings to you and yours. May we give thanks to all who served and remember them.
 Thank God for our freedom because of their sacrifices for our country.
 Happy memorial Day weekend.

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  1. Love the outdoor decor and all of the food looks so delicious!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!