Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Official~ We are Home Missionary/Church Planters

It's been over six years in the making since my dear Mr. Darling started Seminary. After graduating with a Masters degree in Theology, we were put on hold. God was working behind the scenes as we tried very hard to keep our faith, be patient and wait. We prayed, we struggled and we felt lost for a time. Finally, after a year passed we made the leap to the bay area where he was invited to be a year long intern for a church in the area. From there he was asked if he would like to lead a group in a neighboring city with a bible study and possibly would get enough interest in forming a church plant in that area.

Mr. Darling agreed. He worked as an intern preaching a few times and teaching Sunday school classes as well as leading this core group of several different families through a bible study. Everyone in our group was on board with forming this church plant in their community. Since Fall,  the group has grown a few more families and interest in making this bible study grow into a church plant moved forward. Many meetings with the Presbytery and home missions later, our group was officially made a church plant. Our first service began this last April in a beautiful community center building. For the time being we are meeting for Sunday evening worship until we find a suited place where we can worship in the mornings.

It has been in our prayers for years that Mr. Darling would be able to use his gifts as a pastor somewhere, shepherding God's people with the word. The Lord has opened the doors here in this community...We are so excited to move forward and see how God's hand works through His people here in this community. We praise God that He has given Mr. Darling the opportunity to do what he minister.

His internship finally ends this week....Just in time...
 Last week the call as a home missionary/church planter in this community was extended to Mr. Darling...Making it official that he would be the man to do this work.
 Mr. Darling graciously accepted the terms of the call. 
So, in the next coming months we will plan and prepare for another move to our new area, where we will labor alongside our new church family. It is so exciting to finally see this unfold before us. We are so thankful God has given us this serve.
 Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!!


  1. Congratulations to your hubby and family. May God bless you all in this new journey you are taking!


  2. I am praising God with you all......such wonderful news. Blessings friend

  3. Awesome news!! God's richest blessings to you and your family