Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Last week Freckles and I decided we would start journaling together. We have all kinds of papers, stickers, fun tape, doo dads and more...Why not put it to good use and journal with it. We wanted a fun outlet to be creative while doing something together. We spent hours the other day creating several pages in our journals. I will periodically share some of our pages throughout time.

I also tried my hand at making some origami cranes. Not too long ago I had pinned a bedroom from Pinterest that had colorful cranes hanging above the bed. It was adorable. So we found some papers at our local Daiso Japanese shop and I got to folding.  

I made a bunch, that will end up hanging in Freckles room. I also made a couple mini ones to place in our journals. It was pretty fun and so easy to make them. And I just love all the sweet colors and prints I got in my package of origami paper.

Here is my first page from my journal. More to come!

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  1. Looks like so much fun......can't wait to see more. Blessings to you girls l saw your sons little house on Facebook. Cute , if you don't mind me asking..what are their plans for it? Just curious :)