Friday, May 16, 2014

Coffee House & Peacock Trio

This last weekend our friends from church invited us to a local coffee house cafe to fellowship and see their son's 30's~40's group called Peacock Trio play. So glad we went. If you are a regular reader of mine , you would have learned our love for 30's~40's music...It was right up our alley. We got all dressed up to go.

(This picture courtesy of Richard Neff)

Their set was two hours. We enjoyed a little bit of mingling and enjoying the band play while drinking tea. Yeah I'm not a big coffee fan, but tea...Yes! What a delight time and a delightful group of guy's, so talented...Their music was excellent and they sang together beautifully!
 We definitely enjoyed our evening out together.
And I would definitely go to see them play again!

The young man in the middle playing the big bass is our friends son.
 What talent. A little tid bit about him is that he plays many other instruments.
 I just adore that. 

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