Monday, June 2, 2014

He is 20

Twenty years ago my baby boy was born. God blessed us with this precious gift, choosing us to be this little boys parents. The Lord entrusted us to raise this boy for His glory. We raised him up, taught him at home and gave him as much wisdom as we could. He flew from our nest with a firm foundation to be a light to the world. Our prayers are continually with him as he lives his life. I promised myself when he was born that I would not blink. I would savor each day, each moment and enjoy every year. I blinked here and there and before we knew it he was all grown up. Now he's a man, yet, he will always be my little boy.

This year he turns 20.
We are so blessed that God gave this sweet soul to us. I wouldn't have chosen any other boy as our son. He is perfect for us. He was such an easy going child, and never gave us too much guff. He was compliant and dutiful, sweet and full of love. If I could do it all over again...I would in a heartbeat.

This is our second year without him at home.
 It stings my heart that we were not able to spend this special day with him. We pray he had an awesome day. At least I know his sweet love made his day filled with celebration. She really made it extra special for him and even kept some of our little birthday traditions. Her's to another year. Son, we pray your 20th year will be filled with blessings and much love as you continue to shine!
Happy Birthday to you!!!

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