Saturday, May 31, 2014

Random and Summer is Coming

Wow, I can't believe it is almost Summer. The first of June represents one year since we moved to this area. Can't believe how time is slipping away. It seems as if school just started...I know some of you are thinking...heck no, and you all are excited the year is over....Our year has been a little off. My husband's year long internship is over, the year was spent around a lot of that, trying to make ends meet, trying to plug in and trying to fit in has been hard as well. Sometimes I need to be honest and honestly it has been rough on my daughter...I try to be very sensitive to that and her feelings. Our son moved out of state a little over a year ago, last year was very hard and emotionally taxing on our spirits, we miss our boy everyday. It is still a bit strange without him here, something is always going to be missing while he is no longer living with us. But for our daughter, she is still quite young, her big brother is gone and seems to have no time for her. She gets lonely a lot. The other night she came out from her sleep crying. I asked what was wrong...It was that she was missing him. Oh how it tears my heart up. We talked and it turned into giggles and all was good. but deep down, she hurts over it. I have been praying for so long, please Lord, please bring a good friend into her life. The youth group at this church my husband interned for is not a very strong entity. God bless them for trying. But there just isn't a lot of youth in that church, especially girls in her age bracket. It has been hard.

Our church plant too, will be a bit of a lonely place for her, since there are no kids her age. So now to get creative. I will always continue to fervently pray for her and that her needs will be met. It will just take extra efforts in finding some outlets for her. So far we have lined up a speech and debate club that is offering a day camp for a week...It is right up her alley. She is actually interested in doing speech. Yes, you heard me correctly...Speech/improv/storytelling. Have you met my daughter? Yes, the quiet one who practically hides behind me in public...She is going to challenge herself to doing this. I am so proud of her. My sweet, quiet mannered, introvert is going to get up in front of people and bravely overcome her fears. This will be one of the best things for her to come out of her shell and learn to speak in front of people, gaining confidence. I can't wait to see her blossom. We are also looking into a homeschool co~ op that meets once a week starting back up in the Fall...That will be a great way to meet others and be more involved in her education. There are a few other ideas we hope will pan out.
 We pray this next season will be better as we move forward in this life.

Summer is coming...
We are also making our plans for a week long family camp retreat, opening up our home for some lovely outside dinners with friends from church,
 picnics in the park, exploring our surroundings, thrift shopping, garage sales, perhaps a beach trip or two, hopefully some invites to a pool, some crafty stuff and just relaxing a bit.
 Time to make our Summer bucket list. 

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  1. You have some wonderful plans there mama :) I pray all falls into place and freckles will be building some new friendships before long. I am asking God to send her a kindred spirit and that they become the best of pals.........blessings