Saturday, June 28, 2014

Outdoor Summer Dinners

I'm so excited! Last week I was invited to rummage through an old house to grab whatever I wanted from there and keep for myself. I felt like I was a real life picker like that show American Pickers. We found some treasures which I will share in my next post...One treasure however was a picnic table that was outside of the house. I have always wanted a picnic table. I am however, contemplating on whether to paint it or not...It is a bit worn but will hold out for a while...I thought perhaps paint would help seal it from any further weather damage....The table was delivered this week by the gentleman who invited me to pick stuff. I cleaned it up and set it out for a nice evening dinner with my family.

It was super hot in the house but nice and cool outside making it a perfect evening for dinner outside. I decorated a bit out back to give it a Summer fun atmosphere. We made chicken tacos with fresh fruit and iced tea. A simple dinner which didn't take up too much energy from the hot house. I used this Radio Flyer that was also given to me by this particular gentleman...It's wheels were broken off along with all the other hardware leaving just the metal wagon part. It was perfect for what I intended to use it for...I repurposed it into a big tray to carry our food on! It was perfect!!! I love it!

It was nice...Just the three of us...Oh and Missy of course..She sat under the table waiting patiently for any scrap or crumb to fall onto the ground for her. Our intentions are to share many Summer nights outside together, eating meals and playing some games. 
I just love making happy memories with my little family!

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