Monday, June 23, 2014

Summertime Baby Shower

I was recently asked to do a baby shower for a young lady from the church my dear Mr. Darling interned for this last year. I love hosting parties and baby showers, but hadn't done a baby shower in years. I jumped on board right away. I personally didn't know the young Mama very well, but was more than happy to throw her a nice shower for her first baby. She gave birth to her beautiful baby boy before the shower date...But it didn't matter....It was fun having the opportunity to shower both our guests. My friend Virginia helped me get all the decorations made and pitched in with making a list of to do's and helped out with preparing some food for the event. I couldn't have done it without her.

My home was all ready for the guests to arrive. Everyone was so sweet and complimented on our decorating. I was thrilled that they loved the presentation. Our guests of honor enjoyed their time among some great women from the church. They had a chance to mingle a bit and of course everyone cooed at the beautiful baby. He is soooo sweet...

I had the guests start out by guessing the amount from a big Mason jar that I filled with gummy worms, gummy turtles and gummy frogs.....And we pinned diapers on them before the showering commenced. I was able to take a picture of each guest in a photo booth scene I created. It was a hit. I really hope that our guest of honor will cherish the memories by the pictures taken for her. I was so happy that some of the guests opened up and got a bit goofy in the pictures
 using the props I had on hand. They crack me up!!!

They enjoyed the remainder of our time chatting and eating. Then I gave a devotional to the Mama. I hope she felt the love of the words as well as the beautiful message of God's word. It sure did bless me to be able to give her that message...Wise words from one seasoned Mama to a brand new Mama. After that.....She opened her gifts from everyone...She was one happy Mama!

I'm ready to have more Baby Showers for people. I loved having this for her. It touched my heart to see her as it reminded me of myself as a new mama way back when. Seems like yesterday really. 
The shower was a hit! Everyone left with a big smile on their face....That made me happy!!!


  1. did an amazing job hosting the baby shower. Love all your cute, vintage touches are so talented! By the way, it that an apricot tree? What a blessing to have yummy fruit right in the backyard!


  2. Cute, cute. Lots of happy ladies and beautiful smiles. You done good my friend, with such a cute shower, you may cause a case of the baby blues for some of those dear women ;) blessings