Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy's Home Sweet Home Tour

Welcome to Happy Loves Rosie's Home Sweet Home
Happy Harris was born in London during the 1960's....Influences of her childhood is paramount in her bright, retro and whimsy....decor, artwork and designs!
Happy has allowed me to share her home with you...All the way from London. If you love Cath Kidson designs, you are gonna really love Happy's home. It will bring a smile to your face. I have been a reader of Happy's for many years now. I am so happy she allowed me to share her fun, retro, whimsical, bright and crazy style. To some of you it may seem a bit cluttered, but let me tell you, she has a way of fitting in every single piece into every single nook and cranny and pulls it off pretty darn well.

I have always adored her fun sense of style. All things old and well loved adorns a shelf or a chair. Pillows and textiles, dolls and figurines, mirrors and shutters, vases and flowers...
It's everywhere you turn.

I really love the sweet vignettes throughout her home and the beautiful flower motifs you will spy on almost evrything. It is so quaint and so cozy...I would love to have afternoon tea with Happy.

Her dining room is just as amazing as her little living space...your eyes can't help but roam around the pictures trying to catch a glimpse of all the sweet details throughout. I realllly love that she uses red for nice pops of color.

Her kitchen is adorable...the open shelving , tea cups and mugs, and look at all the little containers. This gal is organized. It is a tiny little kitchen but she loves it and frankly I think she has
 done a sweet job in making it so cozy and inviting.

When you think you've seen it all, it's not even over yet...The bathroom is just as decorated as everything else. There is a lot of love here people. She has pulled off yet another little space with fun accents and fun pieces with so much charm. 

It is so stinking cute in there, I can't stand it. I have never seen such a delightful powder room. I wouldn't want to come out of there...She might as well pull a couch in there. it is way too cute.

A guest room all decked out with more, yes more...vintage goodness. I could spend days there just looking at every inch of her home. I really love how she stages the sweetest vignettes.

lastly we take you into her cozy bedroom. I love everything about it right down to the colorful vintage curlers on her boudoir. look at her beautiful floral paintings. My heart goes pitter patter.

anf the faux fireplace/mantle...What an adorable accent to her comfy space. This gal is a true collector...Oh how it would be so fun to go to London and shop with her.

So now you have seen this awesome little cottage...Happy's home makes me happy. I sure hope it made you Happy too. Please do stop by and tell her hello..She not only has this adorable cottage but she has a little vintage caravan/camper too which is decorated just as cute as all you have seen here.

 Thank you for stopping in and strolling through London with us. Thank you again to Happy for opening your home to us here in Blogland.
I have more great home sweet homes lined up for you...
Stay tuned this Summer for more tours!!!

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  1. Happy does have a happy home indeed. I have visited her many times with never a disappointment. Who couldn't be happy about a visit to Happy's happy home. OK, I am outta here with my happy self :) Blessings Mica