Saturday, July 19, 2014

Holly's Home Sweet Home Tour ~Life as a Thrifter

You are in for a treat!
Meet Holly from Life as A Thrifter
One of my fave blogs to read and glean inspiration from. Before we start her tour, I want to mention she just recently moved into another home...The pictures you are about to see are from her last home. I wanted to share even though I knew she was moving, because well. for those of you who have never been to her blog...Her lovely home is a must see with her delightful style and sense of color and whimsy...You just have to see.... Holly gave me permission to share her home with you....
So please do enjoy the tour and be sure to follow her...
Because she is now sharing pictures of her new home!!!!
 More inspiration!!!!! Yay!!!!

What an entryway.... Don't you love that chalkboard?
Into the living room...Filled with color, art, pictures and some vintage here and there. 
So cozy and so very inviting.

I love the dining room table and how she styles everything. 

I love the little touches of handmade things, 
which if you follow her you may just find a great DIY which she shares.

More color pops in her childs room. Vintage fabrics, old books, 
old toys and sweet embroideries on the wall. I am so in love.

She had a great place for her kids to have a playroom 
and a space where she could create.

Her bedroom...Need I say anything? It is sweet and beautiful..
 She has a great eye for pulling together old, new and color. 

Her baby room here is not your typical baby room. I love how she gave it a distinct boy look with the dark colors and vintage/antique furnishings. 

Here is a little peek of her new home....below...You will surely be back for more. I can't wait to see what she does to the new place. It is fabulous so far.

I reallllly hope you enjoyed the tour.
 I am so glad Holly allowed me to bring you into her family home sweet home.
More Home tours coming soon!!


  1. Really nice......thanks for sharing. Blessings friend

  2. Holly has a beautiful home! So many great ideas and inspiration!
    Thanks for I need to visit the new house!